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  1. Goofy

    Take Command! Saab 340A v1.4 Update Released!

    Hello, I have the same problem with X-Plane 10.51 r2 when I switch on the Garmin GNS 530. In GizmoLog : "error: 1089.342: Run(xp): G530_main: [string "JGX.2.G530.00.lua.ra1"]:1029: attempt to compare nil with number" GizmoLog.txt and Log.txt in attachment. => I'm waiting for the fix from JGregory... GizmoLog.txt Log.txt
  2. Goofy

    Download reset V1.4

    Any news for the v1.4 ? (for X-Plane 10)
  3. Goofy

    Simulator Crashing to Desktop

    X-Aviation has the new release of the Saab 340A since several weeks, but this release is still not available ... When I ask when the release is expected, X-Aviation say only "we have no timeline for that !!! " Where is the problem ?
  4. Hello the Team Being flying uphill, when I clicked on the "VERT SYNC" button on the pilot's yoke (at the right off the yoke), a Gizmo window opened announcing an error : "error: 2218.243: Run(xp): main: [string "JGX.1.Saab.00.lua.aes"]:19547: attempt to call global 'initASIbug' (a nil value)" Then the autopilot did not work, as all of the various autopilot selection (above the center panel). When I deactivated and reactivated the autopilot, it remained OFF and a new Gizmo error was generated : "error: 2453.911: Run(cmd): AP_engage_disengage_OnHold: [string "JGX.1.Saab.00.lua.aes"]:18713: attempt to call global 'initASIbug' (a nil value)" The flight being no longer possible, I left the SAAB 340A and X-Plane in flight In attachment is a zipped file that contains the Log.txt and the GizmoLog.txt.The two errors appear at the end of the GizmoLog.txt, the Log.txt appears to be normal I have had several times this type of error with the VERT SYNC button.. Jean-Pierre LogAndGismo.zip
  5. Goofy

    Xplane 11?

    I have asked : http://forums.x-pilot.com/forums/topic/12464-misalignment-of-characters/#comment-116686 The answer is : http://forums.x-pilot.com/forums/topic/12464-misalignment-of-characters/#comment-116693 So, the version 1.4 is ready and X-Aviation already has all the files of version 1.4. The answer of X-Aviation when I asked when the update is scheduled : "there is no time line..." When will be shipped the version 1.4 ?... There are somme upgrades and bugs fixes expected by the users for this great SAAB 340A...
  6. Hello Jim, In fact it's work well. I looked in the earth_nav.dat file : only few ILS have the I M O marker. That's why I did not see it on the EADI and not hear the sounds associated. I tested with an airport that has I M O markers (LFBM), it works very well : I see the I M O characters on the EADI and I hear the associated sounds.
  7. Hello, In all my final ILS with the SAAB 340A, the ILS markers O, M and I does not appear on the EADI and I don't hear the associated sounds. The ILS is working properly and I push the marker cursor on the sound management panel (on the left side panel of the Pilot). What should I do to have the O M I markers on the EADI and to hear the associated sounds ?
  8. Goofy

    Misalignment of characters

    Hello Goran_M, Ok, version 1.4 will soon release. Thank's for this information. Your SAAB 340A is very fantastic. Great job and thank's, I love it. Jean-Pierre
  9. Goofy

    Misalignment of characters

    Hello, Thank's JGregory for the answer. Sorry for my bad english, I'm french Is there any idea about the progress and release of the 1.4 version of the SAAB 340 ? ----- While waiting for version 1.4 of the SAAB 340, I found a solution to align the numbers. This altitude value for the autopilot is memorized from one session to another session of X-Plane and also from one aircraft to another. It's not attached to one aircraft in particular. For the SAAB 340A this value must necessarily be a value in hundred feet. If we have feet or/and tens of feet different from zero (eg 15052 feet), then the numbers will no longer be aligned in the SAAB 340. The solution is to open another aircraft with an ability to select an altitude in the autopilot and then select an altitude in hundreds of feet (feet and tens of feet to zero). Or best, we select the value 00000 feet. This value is stored in X-Plane. When we open again the SAAB 340, the autopilot altitude is set to this value in hundred feet. The characters are aligned again now...
  10. Goofy

    Misalignment of characters

    Hi all, There is a solution to correct or reset the caracters misalignment on the altitude set for the SAAB 340A ? Thank's Jean-Pierre
  11. Goofy

    Unknow command on left side panel

    Hello Bill and Goran_M Thank you for your information. OK, it's clear to me now : This is a command for steering the aircraft on the ground. This command is not yet functional in version 1.3, but it may be later... In a popup windows when we click on this steering manipulator ?... In this case we can see the steering manipulator and at the same time the normal view of the cockpit, with sight on the outside in front of the SAAB 340A. Jean-Pierre
  12. Goofy

    Unknow command on left side panel

    Hi Bill, Thank's for your answer, but this command lever don't turn, there is only two states : pushed or pulled (as the oxygen command lever). For steering we need a turning command...
  13. Hello All, What is the purpose of this two-position command (pushed or pulled) on the left side panel ? Any news of the 1.4 version ? Jean-Pierre