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    Go Flight Modules Problems - W/ Xplane 10

    Yeah I’ve looked at that and have no problem paying for it, but I’ve read it takes awhile to figure out. I may eventually bite the bullet but the sandy stuff is (mostly) working for me with a few known issues. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. copacetic1

    Go Flight Modules Problems - W/ Xplane 10

    I’m running similar setup as you with older modules but in 11.32. I can tell you the MCP is just flakey; often the displays don’t work at all, or are at least laggy. I’ve tried various iterations of plugging the MCP directly into a system USB v2 or v3 port or older USB 1.x hub that is supposedly more compatible with the goflight stuff. I occasionally have the GF166s screen lock up as well, usually I can hit the standby freq flip-flop button or the function select button and the displays will start working again, but sometimes that doesn’t fix it either. In my case I’ve just learned to live with it as the functionality (other than the displays) is still there. I always start an xplane session with a fresh boot and my system is dedicated to xplane, so that may help with any conflicts. Good luck. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk