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    MFD Pages Groups

    Thanks for your answer, I had noticed your previous messages about Laminar G1000, was wondering if I made an error ! Thanks a lot Sebastien
  2. oncleseb

    MFD Pages Groups

    Hie everybody, I've been using Xplane v10.26 and TBM V1.1.0 On MFD, when turning large FMS knob, I have access to: - map - waypoint - auxiliary but not to FPL, SYS and NRST. On the other hand, when Airport information page is displayed, I can not change the airport OACI code. Did you face to this problem and find a solution ? Thanks
  3. oncleseb

    TBM 900 PFD How to display AoA

    cool, waiting after Toto...... thanks Toto !!! Thanks for your answer cmbaviator Sebastien
  4. oncleseb

    TBM900 & Better push back

    Tried it and used it... all worked normally. Be carefull, the path should be "reasonable", else the plane will twist to the left and right ! 2n point : remove chokes !
  5. oncleseb

    TBM 900 PFD How to display AoA

    Hie everyone, what an amazing sim'plane ! I would like to know how to display AoA (for landings) on the PFD ? Thanks Sebastien