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    11.32 and fmc CTD

    Thanks for the info, been driving me crazy
  2. WingzOz

    TBM900 FMS No Data

    Thanks for the info, much appreciated, Love the TBM900 and I'll wait for the date
  3. WingzOz

    TBM900 FMS No Data

    It is Gold Coast Queensland Australia YBCG
  4. WingzOz

    TBM900 FMS No Data

    Hi All, I can't get the airport info in the FMS, I have a current Navigraph Subscription, I can put in a flight plan and have the waypoints available but if I go to the info section it shown "No Date" any ideas or help would be appreciated (See Attached)...…….Cheers
  5. WingzOz

    TBM900 FMS Data

    I need help, I have a current version of Navigraph and it works fine on all my X-Plane aircraft but I can't get the data into the TBM900, I've looked at the Navigraph Manual insert and can't find the TBM in there...…… Any Ideas welcome WingzOz