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    Reverse pulling left

    Had this trouble when I first started too, ease into reverse and it’s much better and far easier to control. Haven’t had a problem since.
  2. Nick777

    [Feedback] Flashes/stutter with rain effects

    I did a test and recorded it today, it may be an issue in XP11, the frequency decreases when disabling ice and rain effects but it’s not gone entirely. It also occurs when turning off and on Synthetic vision, my guess is maybe it’s a performance problem rather than just a visual effects problem.
  3. Nick777

    [Feedback] Flashes/stutter with rain effects

    Interesting, will give it a look after I get the videos. I don’t think I’m running out of memory at all as the 1080 is 11gb and it never really goes above
  4. Nick777

    [Feedback] Flashes/stutter with rain effects

    Sure can do! I'll get similar conditions running and I'll do a second video as well with all addons off to see if that effects it. Will be tomorrow evening sometime!
  5. Nick777

    [Feedback] Flashes/stutter with rain effects

    This is on 11.25 on steam (id rather be on standalone)
  6. Nick777

    [Feedback] Flashes/stutter with rain effects

    I happen to have a couple of the same plugins, X-Camera, XPUIPC namely. I’m not leaning towards those but it’s possible. I reckon with the system specs this shouldn’t be much of an issue
  7. Hey, first off fantastic plane, I don’t think I’ve enjoyed a sim this much before! The depth and the challenge to fly this is great! I noticed while flying out of CYRV at night with rain up into FL300, the sim would have a slight flash from the rain, a frame pause and then continue on, occurring roughly every 3 seconds. Disabling rain and ice effects gets rid of this completely. No issues when on the ground or taxiing, low level it was fine, only after climbing up several thousand feet did it start to occur. For reference: i7-7700@4.8 GTX1080TI 32GB DDR4 3840x2160 4k main monitor 2560x1080 secondary (SimBrief, FSGRW etc) Addons used in conjunction: UWXP 2.4 FSGRW UHD Mesh checked the performance of the system, no thermal throttling, CPU individual core useage not maxed, ~70-80%, GPU 50-60% useage. I can attach log if need be. Superb performance otherwise! cheers