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  1. As the title of the thread states, when you enable the "Draw Vortices" option in the side panel, anything that's placed against clouds in the sky starts rhythmically flashing. This is in the current version of x-plane (not beta). Here's a demo video:
  2. sabreman

    TBM 900 v1.0.8 Update Released!

    After this ridiculous break neck pace you all definitely need that! Thank you very, very much for delivering such a high-quality aircraft and for putting so much effort into it over the past week.
  3. So I've stumbled into a strange issue. I'm currently running the latest AIRAC data from navigrap, 1811. When I'm loading the FMC I load the departure airport and arrival airport, then I went to try and load a SID. The FMC said there where no sid available for KCRP (Which is correct) but being suborn and stupid i still clicked that button. This switched the FMC over to a mostly blank screen, popped up the gizmo log with an error, and rendered that first softkey permanently unusable on that FMC. The co-pilots buttons worked fine though. Attached is my gizmo log with the errors. GizmoLog - Copy.txt
  4. I had just take of out of KCRP and tried to zoom out on the MFD. As soon as it hit what I think is max zoom the game crashed. Attached are all the related log files i could find, though having looked through them there wasn't anything to useful there tbh :/ I've been heavily messing with X-plane with random addons and scenery, so this may very well not be TBM related, but I figured I'd post here to give you all more datapoints. logs.zip
  5. sabreman

    TBM 900 v1.0.7 Update Released!

    Man you all are absolutely insane try not to burn yourselves out in this crunch! Yeah there are bugs to fix, but if you actually hurt yourselfs there wont be anymore people to fix bugs. Try to take a day off!
  6. sabreman

    Connecting two FPL waypoints

    Yeah. I've had the circles and the maps themselves de-sync from my position multiple times and it seems to happen when theres more stuff on the MFD to display. When I was flying over the ocean neither the small maps nor the MFD ever de-synced.
  7. sabreman

    Connecting two FPL waypoints

    I had to dig through the official G1000 manual a bit (I really hope we get more cool shit from the g1k, there's a lot of really awesome features/tools missing!) The green circle = total endurance range. Dashed green circle = Time/endurance until reserve fuel (this is supposed to have a box at the top with the actual time left). If you start using reserve fuel the green circle turns yellow.
  8. sabreman

    G1000 Question

    Hi, firstly I want to say that this was my first foray into civilian simming after using DCS for like 5 years, and I'm incredibly impressed! I haven't had any issues yet and this aircraft has been an absolute joy to fly. I look forward to doing a lot of vatsim flying with this bad boy! I also know the things I'm about to ask are not anywhere near the top of the priority stack, but I'm still curious: While reading the quick-start guide linked G1000 manual, I noticed that there are quite a few small discrepancies between what's described in the manual vs what's available in the plane. For instance it seems we're missing the "AUX" page group on the MFD in it's entirety, can't change our HSI between 360/ARC display, can't adjust our Vspeeds in the TMR/REF softkey menu on the PFD, cant mesure distance/bearing on the map, etc. Now none of these discrepancies are critical and I'm sure some stem from the fact that the manual is written for a -850, however I was wondering if this is your final iteration of the G1000 simulation, or if you plan on adding more functionality to it over the coming months\years?