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  1. Jeremy223

    Glowing Orb while flying at night

    So there is a glowing orb following the aircraft at night on 1.1.8 not sure what is causing it but here it is. Doesn't happen with other aircraft Log.txt
  2. Jeremy223

    TBM 900 v1.1.4c Update Released!

    So I am having issues with the PFD showing all blue. if i run syn vis it works but sin vis drops my fps. Frames are not to hot in general though. But I can confirm that this flight was from John Wayne to Tallahassee FL with no ctd. Log..txt
  3. Jeremy223

    Framerate Drop

    Thank you for the response. I'm sure you guys will have it figured out in no time.
  4. Jeremy223

    Framerate Drop

    I am running into an issue with the frame rate dropping off with the most current version. It occurs usually after avionics start or after i get airborne. Sim starts at 30-35 fps and then dumps to around 20 and then slowly down to 10-15 and stays that way for the duration of the flight. I am running x plane clean with the only add on's being the tbm 900, and 124th atc. Log,,,.txt
  5. Jeremy223

    [SOLVED] C++ Runtime Library crash

    Log.txt GizmoLog.txt
  6. Jeremy223

    [SOLVED] C++ Runtime Library crash

    after having to restart the sim I ran into this same problem under 1.03. uninstalled and then reinstalled and its doing the same still. if i choose to continue the flight it freezes if i choose to not continue he flight it freezes
  7. Jeremy223

    [SOLVED] X plane crash

    Up and running finally. was really slow to load and I had to turn my settings down just a tad. Other than the syn vision dropping my fps to nothing everything seems to work as it should. thanks guys for all the hard work this weekend.
  8. Jeremy223

    [SOLVED] X plane crash

    Xplane is still crashing when I try to load the Tbm from the start menu or jumping from another aircraft to the tbm. I have a complete bone stock version of x plane no plugins no other aircraft ect. I have the second patch as well. Log.txt
  9. Jeremy223

    [SOLVED] CTD after sim load

    i think this has the info you need. Log.txt
  10. Jeremy223

    [SOLVED] CTD after sim load

    I am using 1.0.1 and it still won't load the aircraft and crashes X plane. Log.txt
  11. Jeremy223

    [SOLVED] CTD after sim load

    same here using a amd gpu and the first revision did not work for me.
  12. Jeremy223

    [SOLVED] CTD Systems.xpl

    I am having the same issue as well since downloading the update however i cant even get it to load the aircraft same as the original issue. Log.txt GizmoLog.txt