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    Autopilot and ILS Back-course

    Gregg, I do that too to make sure it isn’t so jarring, but the odd thing that happens to me is when I re-engage nav after passing over the station the aircraft won’t follow the outbound radial unless I flip the ils back/front button. The back/front switch shouldn’t need to be touched except on back-course approaches, right? thanks, Paul
  2. shipsaw

    Autopilot and ILS Back-course

    If I have the autopilot engaged and following a VOR, it goes bonkers as I pass over the VOR. It seems like I need to switch the ILS FRONT/BACK switch from front to back, (i.e. ILS FRONT/BACK seems to determine whether you're following a radial outbound or inbound) Shouldn't I not need to touch this switch when simply passing over a station? Thanks, Paul
  3. shipsaw

    Bug Report

    Having a helluva time getting the updated autopilot to follow a GPS course. I switch to OMNI, then push the knob in, but no dice. Am a doing this wrong? -Paul
  4. shipsaw

    Takeoff speeds in Performance charts, AOM, AFM

    I'd like to see those examples, or anything else that can clarify which chart to choose between pages 32-37. Edit: If I could hazard a guess, it would follow the format of the succeeding 6 charts. Another hint is the final three don't have flaps up speeds listed. So from 32-37 it would be: 32: FLAPS 15, ECS OFF, A/I OFF 33: FLAPS 15, ECS ON A/I OFF 34: FLAPS 15, ECS ON, A/I ON 35: FLAPS 0, ECS OFF, A/I OFF 36: FLAPS 0, ECS ON, A/I OFF 37: FLAPS 0, ECS ON, A/I ON Thanks!