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    Official IXEG forum now open!

    Litjan many thanks for the explanation, I understood everything and very well, i saw that I could not believe it because obviously in the real world it is almost impossible to see (without instrumentation and outside of cockpit) and not in any other aircraft in x-plane or other simulator, sometimes the angle of this correction is very wide, so I thought about my mistake or even to a bug ... thanks again for the explanation. Base
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    Official IXEG forum now open!

    oh my... so it means I'm doing wrong and should I make a correction based on the wind? or do I have to do anything? In the real world, does an airplane can fly in this way? i can believe it.. thanks
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    Official IXEG forum now open!

    Hello everybody, i'm new here, happy to have this awesome plane. I'm writing to understand if the problem I have with this plane depends on a bug or if I'm wrong to configure the plane or the FMC or somelse. the problem is that during the planned flight the plane follows the course but is always rotated a few degrees on its horizontal axis. I do not understand just what it could be, the whole flight plan was correctly inserted into the FMC, including the weights and the various settings. despite all the plane has always the nose not facing the heading of the route but always moved 5/10 degrees to the left or right. I see this "misalignment" when I look at the plane from outside with CTRL + 2 view or when I visualize the map with the tracking of the route on, it is clearly rotated, sometimes about many degrees sometimes a few. Sometimes when i reach trans alt and sometimes when approaching... it does not seem very normal to me and I do not understand just what I can depend on. I've tried tu update navdata both navigraph and aerosoft (with rispectively apps), tried to disable all plugin, i've xeviro, lua, betterpushback, x-life deuxe. I've tried also to disable all custom scenery, and reinstalled ixeg. nothing change. Any clues? thank you very much (and sorry for my poor english) Marco