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  1. olderndirt

    Update/grade for LES340.

    Carenado just threw their 340 in the ring, all duded up for Laminar's latest. What, if any, are the prospects for the LES340 being brought up to speed - I like mine but I'd like it better if it were better.
  2. olderndirt

    Cessna 140

    Bump - little late to this thread. Whatever became of your C140 project? I owned N76136, in Alaska, for several years.
  3. olderndirt

    Saab 340A

    So far, my problems have all been self inflicted. Now that I have the pop-out menu back, I click "begin auto start" and a red message appears saying "Engine RPM too high for an Auto Start" - all props are stationary and gauge needles on zero. A thing I noticed - as I open and the plugins are making their remarks, there's an instantaneous red flash in the lower left quadrant, too fast to read.
  4. olderndirt

    Saab 340A

    That got rid of the green spots but still no pop-out menu and the chocks and cones are still in place.
  5. olderndirt

    Saab 340A

  6. olderndirt

    Saab 340A

    A new problem, to me. I select the Saab with engines not running (planning to use 'auto start' when the sim opens. When it does load up, all cockpit click spots are covered with green fluorescence and there is no pop out menu when I cursor to the right. Exterior view shows wheel chocks and cones in place although my start point is on a runway. I've uninstalled and reinstalled - no change. Version 1.5.1 and XP11.25.
  7. olderndirt

    Freeware for 11.

    Three nice ones. Pilatus PC6 by ZakudanS Rafale by Beber Stearman by Leen de Jager
  8. olderndirt

    The windy city

    Aerobridge's freeware Meigs Field and the Vflyte PA30.