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  1. Reactivation of addons

    Thanky You
  2. Reactivation of addons

    Hey guys, I have problems with steam version, so I decided to buy download version from LR. Also I have new HDD. I have IXEG 737 and LEVC form Skyline Simulations. I would like to ask if there will be any problems with reactivation. Thanks
  3. KSAT San Antonio International by Attitude Simulations

    This is THE MOST BEAUTIFUL scenery i have ever seen! Looks stunning!
  4. IXEG Refund

    Thanks, I tried that already, i get max 20 Fps in the air, on ground I have around 10. I cant upgrade right now. But IDK, i dont think its big problem to block my activation and get my money back, in sorry guys but what should i do with this addon now... nothing, i know i should look more but i didnt find anything... Sorry again and i hope somebody will be able to help me.
  5. IXEG Refund

    ok, thanks...
  6. IXEG Refund

    Ty for your answer. Yeah i read that everywhere as well, but my PC is not very good. I flew only basic GA Aircrafts in X-plane 11. I wanted to try some airliner, and read this is the best one. But i will not upgrade any time soon, maybe next christmass. My PC: I3-6100 RAM: 8GB GTX 750
  7. IXEG Refund

    Hello guys, im sorry. but i have to ask. IXEG 733 is amazing aircraft, but my FPS are terrible. So my question: Is there any way to get my moneyx back, since my FPS are terrible? :/ Thanks everyone for answer, have a nice day.