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    Trim in V/S Climb or Descent Mode

    I might be wrong but how I understood that sentence "Set V/S via Thumbwheel click/drag FWD (for Down) (not shown in video, but trust me!)" is that he clicked FWD (for Down), the action he EXPECTED...but that the aircraft climbed as can be seen in the video that the aircraft climbed according the the vertical speed indicator. I think he just stated that he did a click/drag FWD (for Down)...the actions he did...but that the aircraft instead climbed as one can see in the video. That said...on mine it works correctly as intended.
  2. Omarza

    Saab 340 v1.5 - Nav and radio's don't show correctly

    I just thought I would mention that I have the same problem.
  3. Omarza

    Saab V1.5 Status

    Thanks a lot for updating us on the status...and for the hard work. The cockpit looks great!!
  4. Omarza

    Problems with MU-2 v1.8 on xp11

    Just in-case this might help...I don't think its specific a problem with the MU-2. I have flown another turboprop in 11.1 that worked fine in 11.05b and the engine performances was WAY over the limits in 11.1...not even close to that in 11.05b. This might maybe have a similar effect on the MU-2...I am not sure though...but though I would mention it in-case it might help knowing it might not only be MU-2 related.
  5. I just want to say thank you for all your efforts and a very nice aircraft in X-Plane. It is easy for people to criticize without knowing what really is possible or not possible without breaking something bigger at the end of the day, especially on an ever changing x-plane. If someone thinks they have a solution pass it through to developers (in a nice way as possible suggestion) BUT thinking one knows more than the developer because you found something to me is very arrogant and a total lack of understanding what goes in behind the scenes in development. Also those "genius" people, thinking they know everything, will never be good in a full product development because they do not see the whole picture and never will. Just my 2 cents. Once again thanks for a great aircraft and keep on doing the things you are doing.