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    Announcing The Gate to the Great Lakes

    Yea I figured there was a good reason for the png's to not be dds's and sorry I didn't mean 1GB I meant 100MB. My conversion went wrong haha. I have my object density to high and texture quality to high. (and says it's loading 2.8GB VRAM) which is what is leading me to believe that is my issue. I don't seem to have a bad framerate per say (35 constantly) but I get stutters and I am guessing that is because the sim is loading and unloading textures as it goes since it can't load everything at once. My reflections are all the way down as it recks my framerate in all sceneries if any higher. As for the windsock, the issue was indeed no wind haha. I thought I set the wind but I guess not. The windsock looks quite extended even with no wind so that could cause confusion
  2. Karl1206

    Announcing The Gate to the Great Lakes

    Well, it is surprisingly not that bad. I mostly fly GA so in the plane department I have ever only had issues with one plane but they supplied a 2K texture package as an option instead of 4K which solved all the issues. I can always run with texture quality on high so my sim still looks rather nice. I am on a windows pc that I built 3-4 years ago but I get 35 fps in payware and 50 in default but anything above 30 I can fly in. I just couldn't help but notice that most of the textures included in the scenery were 4K which is quite heavy for me. Not a big deal if you can't make a 2K texture pack, I can always do that myself but I just don't want to turn my texture quality down because it ruins the beautiful ground textures included in this scenery.
  3. Karl1206

    Announcing The Gate to the Great Lakes

    haha, yea that's why I pointed out that I knew it was a very detailed scenery. My main point was just that it would be nice to have a more VRAM friendly version for us 2GB VRAM squids lol.
  4. Karl1206

    Announcing The Gate to the Great Lakes

    Heads up. The windsock animation doesn't seem to work? And for me, the VRAM usage is rather high compared to many other sceneries. I get that this is a very detailed scenery but it would be nice to have the options for a lower res version where the ground and airport stuff keeps its high detail but maybe a few normal maps are scraped. And then the rest of the buildings could be half the resolution(also found a lot of .png's that I converted to .dds's and it lowered the VRAM usage almost a 1 GB. I am sure there is a reason they weren't png's but I took the chance and converted anyway). Regardless this is an awesome scenery that easily jumps to the top of my list of favorite sceneries out there. Great work.