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  1. Greaser

    XP 11.26 Still Supported ?

    Hello, I was just wondering if the latest version 1.1.4 works with XP 11.26 still ?
  2. Greaser

    Bug when Autopilot Disconnected

    I think I have uncovered a bug in the latest version. I am on 1.1.3 with X Plane 11.30 RC2. When on the Localizer and G/S and autopilot is then disconnected, the flight mode changes to ROL and PIT. In earlier versions of the 900 it would remain on LOC and GS. I cannot say for sure that this is a bug, but it seems like a bug was introduced. When the AP is disconnected, LOC and GS should still remain engaged(?) I can't see why it wouldn't remain so. Other than that, the synthetic vision is not always working, and seems to depend on which scenery is installed. Also, I have done flights with a destination airport programmed in the Garmin but when landing getting the terrain warning sounds. And I saw messages on how to Inhibit the warnings, but it should not be necessary. Surely the warnings should not sound in the first place if the route is programmed. I hope this issue can be addressed also.
  3. Greaser

    Air Speed Warning

  4. Greaser

    Air Speed Warning

    Did not stall before landing. Warning comes 2-3 seconds after touching down rear landing gear. A real pilot needs to confirm if this a bug or not.
  5. Greaser

    1.1.2 Flight Model Changes?

    The flight model seems improved to me. For one thing I could hardly flare on touch down before. Now I can flare.
  6. Greaser

    Air Speed Warning

    I am watching the replay, and see that "Air Speed" gets called after touch down. Maybe 2 or 3 seconds after landing. It seems like a bug....
  7. Greaser

    Activate the Approach

    On some flights I have activated the approach Ok, the IAF became the activate way point and the approach started. However at other times, like just now, I have an approach in the system entered previously, but after pressing Menu, there is no such menu item to Activate the Approach. I see Activate Leg, but not Activate the Approach. Any idea what I am doing wrong?
  8. Greaser

    1.1.2 Flight Model Changes?

    I did several takeoff's and landings with 1.1.2. Were there any flight model changes with 1.1.2? Just seems to be much smoother landings now. Less "ballooning" effect with full flaps deployed. I'm not fighting the controls as much to pitch down to land. I'm not sure, did anybody notice it??
  9. Greaser

    Synthetic Vision Not Working, Sometimes

    I do have zzz_hd_global_scenery4 base mesh at the lowest layer, and have the relevant dsf tiles, so not sure why it aint working.
  10. Greaser

    Synthetic Vision Not Working, Sometimes

    I tried another airport (YRED) in Australia and it has the same issue. SYN VIS -> SYN TERR, it displays blue water instead of green. I did generate Ortho4xp, but I did this also in US and in US it works. It is not working at those Australian airports.
  11. Greaser

    Synthetic Vision Not Working, Sometimes

    Yes, does that matter?
  12. I have been using Synthetic Vision regularly. Just now I tried a flight from Bankstown Sydney, ICAO Code: YSBK. Synthetic Vision is not working. Blue Sky, Blue "Ground" (instead of Green). Any ideas?
  13. Greaser

    Descent tips

    The plane costs over 4 millions dollars partly because of all the advanced avionics and Garmin systems. To Not use those tools is a Huge waste of money and means you are flying the wrong plane!
  14. Greaser


    The Hotstart is tough to pitch down with full flaps due to the ballooning effect with full flaps. It is very tough to main the center line on takeoff and landing (even with all the tips and pointers). I'm sue the real pilots do not have these struggles (I have seen videos on youtube). I hope the Hotstart will be tweaked to improve these areas.
  15. Greaser

    Descent tips

    VNAV works fine here too. That the whole point it reduces workload on the pilot to focus on other things. To Not use those tools is poor piloting.