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  1. Greaser

    What’s next?

    I think the best demand will be for a high fidelity glass cockpit business jet. It doesn't exist yet. Cheers.
  2. Greaser

    Steering the Plane after landing

    I hope the Developers can find a way to improve the Ground Handling. I know this is mainly due to X Plane itself, but hopefully they can improve it. It's the only issue I have with this aircraft.
  3. Greaser

    Password always wrong..

    Very annoying problem.
  4. Greaser

    Password always wrong..

    Use forum name, not your email to login. Had this problem but it went away after that.
  5. Greaser

    Entering Altitude Restrictions

  6. Greaser

    Entering Altitude Restrictions

    Hello, is there a trick to entering the altitude restrictions? I see in blue: "_____FT" but cannot enter a value ??
  7. Greaser

    ILS Approach 1.0.9

    I just did a flight with 1.0.9 with an ILS approach. Nav mode remained on during the approach. The fixes in the flight plan are below: BFM, JABAK, proc turn, JABAK, RW33. I am trying to figure out why the extra JABAK and "proc turn" is there? Should they be removed manually? Also I got Terrain Ahead and Obstacle warnings, "pull up" etc when landing. Same as 1.0.8.
  8. Greaser

    Steering the Plane after landing

    I have not tried the latest 1.0.9 (yet) but everyone is having this issue. Setting the joystick control sensitivities to zero helps but does not completely fix the ground handling issues.
  9. Greaser

    GPS to Localizer Approach

    When doing the ILS approach, with the transition to the Localizer, I noticed the NAV button automatically disconnects. The plane starts an immediate right turn away from the runway. Until the NAV button is pressed again. The question, is this normal for the 900/G1000 or perhaps a bug?
  10. Greaser

    Landing Flaps Kill The Approach

    It helps to reduce the speed to 90 before deploying landing flaps, but you should not be deploying the final flaps this late. At higher speeds it really has a bigger effect and it triggers the plane to begin a climb. Also your video shows the struggle to point the nose down to force it to descend, I saw the same. It only "Works as expected" if the real plane behaves exactly the same. I have watched real flight tbm 900 videos and still think this flight model needs work.
  11. Greaser

    Landing Flaps Kill The Approach

    What speed and trim settings work best for you all when deploying the landing flaps? I will try the landing gear immediately after to see if that helps.
  12. Greaser

    Landing Flaps Kill The Approach

    I have practiced the one ILS approach many times, I think by now I have the flight procedures sorted. The main issue is when on a perfect ILS approach deploying the second stage (Landing) flaps it sends the plane straight upwards so much it kills the approach every time. I have tried deploying at different times/speeds but it just messes up the approach every time. I think this is a serious bug. The landing flaps are producing way too much lift. The only option I have right now, which I do not like by the way, is to not use landing flaps. The other one is that on touch down it is very, very difficult to control the steering. Yes even with YD off and controller sensitivities zero. This is not just me obviously, look on youtube everyone is having issues with ground handling. I hope a change can be included in the next release to address these things.
  13. Greaser

    ILS Capture

    When doing an ILS approach it doesn't lock on to the LOC or G/S.... I set Both Nav frequencies to the correct one on the chart and Activate the Approach before the IAF. It starts the approach normally and I press the APP button to descend (in autopilot mode). The PFD switches from GPS to LOC in green. But it doesn't lock on. The green G/S diamond comes down but it doesn't lock either. What am I missing to lock onto LOC and G/S?
  14. Greaser


    Got it working now thanks. The only thing was it leveled off at 11,000 ft and I don't know why, still trying to figure that out as I didn't see any constraints at that altitude. Another thing, my Forum password never works and I have to reset it Every day. Several Emails to Support and Nothing from them and No Fix. Always have to Reset the Password. Why ????
  15. Greaser


    So I have an active VNAV profile, but I don't see TOD on the map. In cruise mode, I reduced the target altitude, watch the minutes and seconds count down to zero in the VNAV profile, but it does not descend.