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  1. dtiganas

    Take Command SAAB340 GPS error

    Problem solved. The default earth_nav.dat file was corrupted. I checked the integrity of the files and this restored the default data files. Now it works fine. Thanks Cameron for excellent support!
  2. dtiganas

    Take Command SAAB340 GPS error

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone experienced the same error and if there are any solutions. Everytime I am trying to start the GPS on SAAB 340, I got the Gizmo console with the error: 257.997: Run(xp): G530_main: [string "JGX.2.G530.00.lua.ra1"]:1049: attempt to perform arithmetic on local 'buildPosEnd' (a nil value) . The GPS is dark and completely unresponsive. The same goes for both passenger and cargo variants. Of course, I already tried: - disabling all plugins - re-installing the aircraft - re-installing Gizmo plugin - uninstalling all other Gizmo dependent airplanes (Ixeg 733) and installing only SAAB 340 - perform a clean install of X-plane 11 and SAAB 340 only. it's quite clear that it's becoming quite frustrating that I can't simply get it working. I attached log.txt and gizmolog.txt with all plugins re-enabled. I am running the latest X-plane 11.26 Steam version and SAAB 340 1.51. Thank you for any replies! GizmoLog.txt Log.txt