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  1. I don't know what version I have installed but I'm a little hesitant to upgrade. The version I have, what ever it is, works. It's the Swiss Army knife of X Plane, always sharp, plenty of functionally and if I screw up IXEG fixes or replaces, plus they pay for the fuel. I don't have any complaints so I don't know what you guys think you fixed. Rather than waste time fixing nothing on this plane how about building a new plane. Say a King Air C90 GTXi with a 3 screen G1000. I bought the Quest with the G1000 and the plane is beautiful but the G1000 is worthless the way it was implemented. No one has a G1000 for X Plane that I can find. I would like to know how I should manage the Fuel if I completely fill the plane both wing and center tanks. I'm currently flying the 737-300 around the world. Can't find anything in the manual that came with the plane. Not a complaint, I still have google but just wondering. Currently sitting in Anchorage getting ready to fly to Dutch Harbor and then Russia.
  2. JLWest

    IXEG 737 Flight Plans

    Have tried several times to save my flight plan and get an error on the FMS telling me it is unable to save the plan. Wonder if this is a known issue or user error.
  3. JLWest

    A/P P/RST

    I land and almost immediately I get an annoying beeper and. The message above the altimer says A/P P/RST in flashing orange. I can find no way to shut it off.