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  1. VAL067

    VR and Threaded Optimization

    Hey mate im sorry my mind is a bit fried in the middle of renos and cleaning up so im reading half of what is should..if you problem is only with the TBM have you got any of the special effects turned on,,?
  2. VAL067

    VR and Threaded Optimization

    Do you use Process Lasso if not download it and use. Also in your nvidia settings you have V.R pre rendered settings set a 2 try revert to global and make sure global is set to application controlled. Turn threaded optimization OFF and and set up your affinity mask (how many cores you want dedicated) in Process Lasso. Are you running ant A.A outside of XP11..? The system you have should eat V.R for breakfast so more likely is you have a conflicting setting thats causing your issue, when was the last time you cleared out the shader cache and cleaned out your preferences folder in Xp11 remember to back up your controller and custom settings ,are you using Xenviro ..? where is your ORBX G.B stored seperate drive..? I run a 4770 not even a K at 3.9Mhz to 4.0mhz and a GTX 1070 and my AA sits at FXAA maybe 2SSAA in rural settings and world set to med and i run occulus tray at 1.8 and i average 23-45 fps smooth V.R.
  3. VAL067

    VR and Threaded Optimization

    Hey mate i can give you straight up advice that the situation you have is more than likely caused by ingame A.A or objrcts setting being to high ..can i ask what you have it set at. ASW is always best to be off. There is also a fallacy that you need on screen fps to be 45fps to have smooth V.R when you can be as low as 22 -25fps and still have a smooth experience. Sent from my SM-G900I using Tapatalk
  4. VAL067

    VR Bug - Right Eye reflection

    Go to plugins then to TBM900 and select visual effects and turn them all off. If this fixes the issue then select only one effect at a time to turn back on until you identify the offending effect or just leave them all off and gain frame rates and a very immersive experience. Sent from my SM-G900I using Tapatalk
  5. VAL067

    VR Capability V1.0.7 Floating Reflections in Cockpit

    Good morning Ray With the TBM i would suggest turning off all 4 of those effects settings and see what happens. Also with the stuttering try lowering your Super sampling like start at 1.0 if that helps and work your way up. If you using F.I try a full uninstall meaning get rid of all configuration files in App data ext and a fresh re install. Somewhere you have a setting that is giving you grief and its a process of elimination. Sent from my SM-G900I using Tapatalk
  6. VAL067

    Landing Flaps Kill The Approach

    Hi mate I did quite a few ILS and RNAV approaches last night and she didn't budge off the G.S when deployment of 2nd stage flaps was introduced. My thinking into this is your trim setting near enough to T.O position before initiating APP especially the G.S as this helps immensely and are you properly established on the G.S in meaning have you given the aircraft enough time in 1st stage flaps to settle in on the G.S. sometimes this can make A.P APP chuck a hissy fit. Cheers Sent from my SM-G900I using Tapatalk
  7. VAL067

    Strange "rays" when flying in clouds

    If you have HDR +SSAO in your Graphic settings than this might cause it just go back one notch to only HDR,,otherwise go to plugins choose TBM900 and from visual effects untick all and see if this stops it than reintroduce one back at atime to see what is causing it
  8. VAL067

    VR Capability V1.0.7 Floating Reflections in Cockpit

    Hey mate dont be despondent just give it a crack and as for stuttering make sure that A.S.W is disabled in F.I settings and Oculus settings if you have VIve i think its called rear projection or something as this will cause stuttering in V.R. If this dosent solve the stuttering P.M me and we can go through a few ideas.. can i ask why you guys are not using naitive XP11 V.R I have F.I since release but i mainly use native .
  9. VAL067

    VR Capability V1.0.7 Floating Reflections in Cockpit

    No problem glad it worked..yes it would be nice as some planes you can have affects on but some you cant just like the FFA320 it creates a weird affect. You can try and add one back at a time and see which one or if its all of them that are affecting V.R but for me the greatest affect is the immersion and the texture work in this cockpit is some of the best i have seen.
  10. VAL067

    VR Capability V1.0.7 Floating Reflections in Cockpit

    Hey mate in the XP11 Plugins tab TBM900 Visual affects Sent from my SM-G900I using Tapatalk
  11. VAL067

    VR Capability V1.0.7 Floating Reflections in Cockpit

    Hi guys did you turn off all visual effects including heat blur , Rain Ice ect..i am running without any visual effects and have no isssues. Oculus Rift native V.R GTX1070
  12. Hi all, can someone confirm whether MaxxFx works in native V.R. particularly 11.20b3. Cheers
  13. VAL067

    MU-2 throttle problem.

    I am also having issues with using my throttle quadrant Virtual Fly TQ6. I cannot get into ground idle range only by repeated attempts using mouse as for reverse it will not work even though i have re calibrated numerous times and tested other aircraft with it. Taxing is currently a nightmare if you want to use hardware.
  14. VAL067

    Any plans for VR support ?!

    Only certain conditions work well in VR using SMP you just have to experiment. Otherwise use Ulimate Mod 2.0 read my post in Flyinside forum. I disable both xenviro and SMP when ising flyinside VR . Sent from my SM-G900I using Tapatalk
  15. VAL067

    Xplane 11?

    Guess i have rattled the hornets nest lols..ah well like i said its all fair and opinions are like Aholes we all have one. I will still be buying your product when it's ready (maybe two months maybe six)and im sure you guys will do a damm fine job of it. Sent from my SM-G900I using Tapatalk