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  1. I installed V1.1 in X-Plane 10 Somethings have updated,others haven't I still have ground power in turnaround state There is no option to select eyebrow windows/sunshades in Preferences Open cockpit doors/cargo doors is not enabled
  2. psimpson20

    IXEG 737 Top of Descent Problem

    Thanks for your response.I presume my problem was due to waypoint D304H. I had a flight from EHAM to EGCC today,and the problem with T/D not being on the LNAV path was repeated.I have attached a screenshot to illustrate this. Do you have an explanation for this ?
  3. psimpson20

    IXEG 737 Top of Descent Problem

    I did reset the MCP before reaching T/D.At T/D,the altimeter moved slightly,but then very quickly stopped. I can attach the PFPX flight plans that I used,if that's OK. RYR 8451 EGCC-EHAM (18 May 2017) #1.pdf RYR 3502 EDDH-EGCC (16 May 2017) #1.pdf
  4. psimpson20

    IXEG 737 Top of Descent Problem

    Just had another flight.I was able to reach T/D this time.However,I passed T/D and automatic descent failed to start.Is it just pot luck if VNAV actually works ?
  5. psimpson20

    IXEG 737 Top of Descent Problem

    Hi, I'm new to the 737 and I've just come across a problem.I was flying a route from EDDH to EGCC.I was a cruise altitude and approaching T/D.However,on the MAP display,T/D was shown as being about 20 miles west of the actual LNAV path.Therefore,I was unable to reach T/D and start descending.Is this a known bug ? I have version 1.0.7 installed.