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  1. ghislain

    Update issue

    On my main X-Plane install, I had rebooted my computer but the problem was still there. On my new test X-Plane install, I ran a few tests. I did not install any plugins yet. But... as soon as I go in Settings and change Reflection Detail from minimal to low, the problem appears. If I put it back to minimal, the problem goes away. I hope this helps.
  2. ghislain

    Update issue

    Hello Goran, I did as you asked and installed another copy of X-plane. I installed the TBM and the issue is not there. Is there any other tests you would like me to run? Regards, -- Ghislain Dufresne
  3. ghislain

    Update issue

    +1 here, same issue. If AOA is up, side and menu bars flash. AOA down, no issue. I am on 419.35 drivers Best regards, -- Ghislain Dufresne