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  1. Seat belt switch controlling dome light (XP11)

    In AUTO mode there is no way to get current actual state. May be you can add a dataref for it?
  2. [FAQ] Problem with Pushback

    It's amazing!!!!
  3. Cabin crew announcements for IXEG 737

    I have uploaded a new script with updated logic and fixed dataref names.
  4. "LVL CHG" button abnormal descend

    @Litjan No, it was developing at lightning speed, in 2-3 seconds, just after the button press.
  5. "LVL CHG" button abnormal descend

    I prefer to fly with 48-52 ZFW, do not know if this is light or not. Of course I'll wait.
  6. "LVL CHG" button abnormal descend

    I was cruising at FL330 and .72M, have set altitude for descend (FL130) and pressed "level change" button. After that vertical speed quickly raised to -6000 fpm and airspeed became almost critical. So I had to manually level the aircraft and use V/S for further descend. I do not know how to reproduce it but I remember that this already happened to me once but these where my first days of flying B733 so I then thought that I was doing something wrong.
  7. How to setup mimimum altitude

    Why no callout? It says "minimums".
  8. Cabin crew announcements for IXEG 737

    @Nkmsw8 Regarding "doors manual" I suggest - engines turned off, parking brake set. Is it ok?
  9. Cabin crew announcements for IXEG 737

    @alessandro61 You should update vSpeedCallouts to the latest version: FlyWithLua Error: The variable "IAS" is still defined as DataRef "ixeg/733/airspeed/IAS_pilot_001_ind". FlyWithLua Error: The error seems to be inside of script file Resources/plugins/FlyWithLua/Scripts/vSpeedCallouts.lua The problem is that we use the same dataref with the same name. The author of vSpeedCallouts has already fixed this, so updating his script will help. I will also fix this in nearest future.
  10. Cabin crew announcements for IXEG 737

    Thanks, will change that. And what about "doors manual" then?
  11. Cabin crew announcements for IXEG 737

    I have updated the logic of "before landing" announcement to play a little bit earlier.
  12. Cabin crew announcements for IXEG 737

    It is hard to understand pilot's intentions especially with limited capabilities of scripting. That's why I want to clarify the trigger logic of announcements. Most of the announcements are played with random delays for better realism. Script also prevents playing several announcements layered. Most of inflight announcements require properly setup pressurization: flight level and destination airport elevation. "Welcome on board" is played when cargo doors are closed (no cabin doors in IXEG 737 yet) and seat belt sign is turned on. "Doors on automatic" is played when anti collision light is turned on. "Safety instructions" are played as soon as you start pushing or starting engines or taxing. "Prepare to takeoff" is played when you turn on landing lights. "Seat belts on" and "seat belts off" are played inflight when you turn them on and off (that simple). "Drinks and meals" is played just before you reach cruise altitude. "Start of descend" is played when you are 1000 ft below your cruise altitude. "Before landing" is played when you pass 4000 ft altitude for destination airport or extract gear or set flaps 10 or more. "Landing command" is played when you pass 3000 ft altitude for destination airport or set flaps 30 or more. "Arrival (after landing)" is played when ground speed is bellow 40 kts. "Doors on manual" is played when engines turned off, parking brake set. Any advice or suggestions are welcome.
  13. I have written a Lua script for cabin crew announcements. It plays them throughout normal flight (no jump in the middle flights supported) and currently supports the following: "Welcome on board" "Safety instructions" "Seat belts on" and "seat belts off" "Drinks and meals" "Start of descend" "Before landing" "Arrival (after landing)" It also announces some commands on behalf of first officer. It will operate if you follow all general flight procedures, later I will describe trigger logic in detail. It also supports turnarounds. I have not tested it beyond normal flight flow (like failures and similar). Script is controlled through two first officer's audio control panel receiver switches: FLT INT and PA. Normally the are turned on and do not require any adjustments. FLT INT is responsible for first officer commands while PA is responsible for cabin crew announcements. You can turn them to adjust the volume or depress them to turn them off. Thus you can turn off first officer if you prefer to perform cabin calls by yourself and you can turn off cabin crew (but what's the sense then). To use the script you have to install FlyWithLua and unpack archive contents into 'scripts' folder (so that the script resides in the root of this folder).
  14. VoiceCommander PRO for 737 IXEG is available

    But if my Windows is in English? I've visited their site but it is highly uninformative. So, as I understand, your addon can not issue custom IXEG commands without it? I'm asking because it costs a valuable amount of money and does not clearly state what I'm paying for (I do not have any hardware panels and do not plan to have any).