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  1. 45 minutes ago, st1322 said:


    This topic is a bit old, but I just had the same issue. Disengaged autopilot and throttles and I had same indications as user above. I am on the latest version.


    Nevermind. I think I forgot to "grab" them back.

    Make sure you have you physical throttles in the same position as they are in the virtual cockpit. Move your physical throttles till you see the outline of the ghost throttles on the right side of the screen match up, then it should work

  2. Good evening. I was attempting to land tonight, and while on final I could not move the throttles in the sim with my physical controls. The ghost throttles would not move either and I was forced to grab the throttles in sim with my mouse instead. I haven't had this issue until 1.1 came out. I checked my flight controls in the settings and they were detected. Not sure if this was a one time mini glitch, or an issue that might occur again. Just wanted to let someone know.

  3. Good evening, do you know when the cabin lights will be added back in? I'm not too concerned about the "quality" of the cabin, but the plane looks unrealistic without interior lighting. I know they were once in the plane, but I don't know why they were taken out. Many thanks.

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