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  1. Preordered x-plane 11

    Thanks I was beginning to think I had made it up
  2. Sony HMZ-1t head mounted monitor

    I have the above item which work similar to the current line of VR visors. I've seen a YouTube video where fix was able to work with it and I TrackIR software/hardware. I'm wondering if the same will be true of x-plane 11?
  3. Preordered x-plane 11

    For some reason I fill that I preordered x-plane 11 last year. But I'm at a lost where I did it and can't find any prof that I did. Was there a preorder option for version 11 last year.
  4. Saitek x-56 need help with configuration

    I have an saitek x-56 hotas system but I'm not able to get the basic stick and throttle to work much less the switches and buttons setup the ailerons are constantly to the left roll position even if it calibrate after starting the flight. Any help would be nice also if any one else is using it a copy of your config layout for a starting point would be nice.
  5. First Time X-Planers info

    I'm new I tried flying with my saitek x56 hotas setup but had numerous problems has anyone successfully setup X-Plane with the x56 throttle and stick?