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  1. Mike Cameron

    Installation in Alabeo C177RG

    Coop usually monitors this forum but if he does not, send him a PM and request a beta copy of the patch to fix this issue. That is what worked for me.
  2. Mike Cameron

    Installation in Alabeo C177RG

    Thanks, that worked great and they look perfect. Mike
  3. Mike Cameron

    Installation in Alabeo C177RG

    Thanks, I will give it a try. Mike
  4. Mike Cameron

    Installation in Alabeo C177RG

    Thanks, that worked. Only issue now is when I turn on the avionics, the top G5 instrument is partially displayed on the transponder screen and the bottom instrument partially displays on the aircraft's autopilot. They both still work, just distracting. Mike
  5. Mike Cameron

    Installation in Alabeo C177RG

    Just purchased today and works good in C172SP. I followed the instructions to install the plugin into the aircraft folder but that is where my understanding ends. I cannot make sense of the instructions to make a window of of the G5 in my aircraft. I opened AcfConfig but do not know what to do next. It seems needlessly difficult for someone who is not an expert in X-Plane. This needs a plugin item to show the G5 as a window. A step by step simple procedure would be appreciated. Thanks for your help. Mike
  6. Mike Cameron

    M20 Collection v4.0.0 PB4 Update Released!

    When I login to my account it says "Update in Progress". Is there another update happening right now.
  7. Mike Cameron

    [SOLVED] MFD showing no map

    This is happening on my system also. I do not have a Saitek panel and reloading does not work. It worked when I first purchased but does not work now. Could it be navigation database related. I updated to latest Navigraph Database for XP11 and thats when it started happening. How to I revert back to default XP NAV database to test. Removed custom data and also discovered that my GO Flight avionics switch is needed just like the Saitek. Strange because none of my other Go Flight buttons work. Thanks, Mike