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    Basic Feature Overview for SMP V4

    awsome stuff !
  2. jafferhussian11


    enjoy this.... http://makeagif.com/i/97ntAi
  3. jafferhussian11

    Cabin announcements?

    Lol , sounds like jan's love for airplanes ends up being quiet hard on the Devs , i guess by the end of the Ixeg's development stages ,every one ends up loving the aircraft (if they did not in the beginning) All kidding aside, would love to see an A320 in X-plane some day, made by you guys !!
  4. jafferhussian11

    Cabin announcements?

    say jan, assuming you fly the A320 is it safe to make another assumption wherein ; you shall fall in love with it and try to bring it to X-plane ??? kind regards, jaff
  5. jafferhussian11

    SkyMAXX V4 New Screenshots

    Lads, wonderfull !!! beautiful , really looking forward to this !