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    GNS530 Flight Plans

    Can you load a flight plan created in pilot2atc into the 530 or must you manually add the route from that plan then save it for future use.
  2. prdant

    Pilot2atc flight plans

    Since no one on this forum knows the answer does anyone know how to contact the Pilot2atc developers. It seems irresponsible to charge for a product that provides no support.
  3. Sorry Jan, it was a misprint on my side .fpl was what I meant. I am still trying to figure out if it is .fpl or .ixg. Either way I just get frustrated with something that should be so simple.
  4. Please give me a little guidance. I purchased P2A (not cheap) and created a flight plan but while I have exported it to the coroutes folder it comes in the .pln format. I see that in my old xp10 folder that there is a plan with an .ixg extension. Looking in the export section of P2A I do not see a choice for that. Did I waste my money on P2A? Thanks in advance for any help.
  5. What is the correct ext. I built the route in p2a.
  6. Still no joy. I have added KBOS-KJFK.flt to the coroutes folder and the response after clicking coroute is file not found. Back to the drawing board.
  7. I have exported my .fpl and .fms plans from pilot2atc to a couple of different locations in xp11 but cannot get the FMS to load them. It says no co route folder. I can create the folder but apparently I don’t know where it should reside. Thanks
  8. prdant

    SM4 not working in xp11

    That I will try that when I get home.
  9. prdant

    SM4 not working in xp11

    I cannot seem to get weather in xp11 after configurating as shown in the docs. It just never seems to download. Any suggestions are appreciated
  10. prdant

    IXEG 737 Update

    Never mind I just gave up and reinstalled again.
  11. prdant

    IXEG 737 Update

    Anyone? I updated my 737 today and now I have two boxes on top of all views. They appear to be diagnostics, ie if I turn on the battery it shows how much battery life is left. This is not seen on other aircraft. They are not movable or clickable and are quite annoying since the are in my forward view. I looked at x-plane data input/output settings and nothing is checked.any help is appreciated.
  12. prdant


    Many thanks, no wonder I couldn't find it in the 737.
  13. prdant


    Quick question, I am not near PC with the 737 docs. What is the keyboard command to use the flashlight. Thanks
  14. prdant

    File type

    Just so everyone knows, it appears that the company routes use a .fpl extension