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    CRJ 200 FMS

    As important as it is to register an issue or a perceived issue it is just as important to retract a complaint about an issue. I am retracting my complaint regarding the autopilot not engaging. I reinstalled the CRJ 200 to XP11 Beta 2 and set up a KLAX to KDEN flight with an SMO waypoint (only 4 miles away I know) and had a fantastic roll and liftoff. After setting a heading to intercept just short of the SMO waypoint the autopilot locked on and all was right with the world. I accept full responsibility for 'pilot error'. The CRJ 200 is a fantastic model and I would suggest that anyone who loves XPlane 11 simming should add the XAviation CRJ 200 to their collection.
  2. ByBry

    CRJ 200 FMS

    I am very close to permanently removing the XAviation CRJ 200 from my XPlane 10. This aircraft simply refuses to engage the autopilot in any way. I am not a novice at this and I have flown hundreds of flights in the CRJ on FSX. Flawless. No matter what i do in the XAviation CRJ it will not engage in Autopilot. I know how to insure that FMC/FMS is my navigation source, I know how to program an FMC and have done so thousands of times. I can see my FMC flight path in the MFD it is programmed properly. The autopilot won't even engage to follow a manual heading. Nothing I pay for should ever have this level of frustration. This product does,
  3. ByBry

    PMDG Announces First X-Plane Project

    If you've ever flown / owned a PMDG aircraft you'd understand the pricing. Their products are worth the money, period!