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  1. Saab Sliding sideways XP11

    Thanks Goran!! will wait for your update then.
  2. Saab Sliding sideways XP11

    Hi guys, I know the aircraft is not fully supported on XP11 yet but I was wondering if there is a fix for the aircraft when it slides sideways. Sometimes in some conditions, the aircraft in Cold and Dark starts sliding sideways in cold and hot weather. Doesn't happen all the time but sometimes and I can't use the aircraft at all. I am using XP11, default scenery, real weather from METARS. Regards, Teo
  3. ok found out it is working but I have to press the OBS key twice on the GPS and the CDI button once to GPS for it to align properly. Pressing just the CDI button doesn't point the arrow in the right direction. But for now that solves the issue. Thanks for the video. Regards, Teo
  4. Enabled both options, restarted XP11 and still not working... strange
  5. mmerelles, you are right and I mistakenly used the wrong term/ I was refering to the EHSI course NAV... it's not pointing in the direction but it does show the distance and LRN1 with the correct distance but not the correct direction for the arrow.
  6. Hi guys, I am having issues with the RMI indicator, it's not pointing to the right direction when I have the GPS selection for NAV mode. I try to move it manually using the knobs and it doesn't let me. Am I missing something? Check attached image. You can see the flight plan is straight and the needle is pointing to the left. Teo
  7. Livery List & Requests

    Anyone willing to do this livery for Air Panama?
  8. The IXEG and X-Plane 11 Topic [Merged]

    What happens if I disable slopped runways? would it fix the sliding issues? has anyone tried it?
  9. The IXEG and X-Plane 11 Topic [Merged]

    Interesting fact about the Logo light.. usually I fly PMDG 737-600 and up and their logo lights usually work but if the real 737-300 with winglets doesn't have logo lights, I am all up for it. Thanks for the clarification Regards, Teo
  10. The IXEG and X-Plane 11 Topic [Merged]

    Hey guys, Awesome aircraft, yesterday I tested it on XP11 pb6 and it flies amazingly.. Only thing I can't seem to make it work are logo lights at night. Any way to fix this? All other lights work just fine. Also is there a temporary fix for the aircraft that slides all over the place? Just tried a flight with the APU on parked at KBOS with some 10k-20k winds and the aircraft felt as an ultralight aircraft moving all over the place.. Any quick fix that might solve the sliding issue? Thanks! Teo
  11. Clouds not moving when flying

    Cirrus clouds only so what you say is correct. Thanks! Teo
  12. Clouds not moving when flying

    Hey guys, Good morning. I love the Skymaxx product but sometimes the clouds move with me while I am flying (they move forward instead of backwards). I am flying at FL350 at 450kts ground speed and the clouds are just static below my aircraft. Is that a bug? I use the NOAA weather plugin for weather depiction. Thanks! Teo