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  1. Wael Soliman

    Problem with stick pusher

    I can confirm this has been fixed in v 1.5 with XP 11 Regards
  2. Wael Soliman

    Update procedure?

    Just run the new 1.21 executable
  3. Wael Soliman

    Problem with stick pusher

    Yes you are right I should have waited
  4. Wael Soliman

    Problem with stick pusher

    Yes I am sure the condition levers are set to max and always using TQ status viewer to verify condition and power levers position Thank's for your replay
  5. Wael Soliman

    Problem with stick pusher

    Sorry for my English not good at all but i'll try to explain the problem as much as possible I have Stick Pusher activates immediately after take-off about 200 - 300 feet , I read the manuals and system carefully , I know the system actuates to prevent actual stall but the plane away from stall speed My setting is , Payload 7550 lbs , fuel 2046 lbs Autocoarsen on condition lever max CTOT Arm - 100 trim in green flaps 7 or up same result All other settings as required , no cautions while take off the CTOT system engaged , gently pulling the nose up as required at 105 or 110, 120 and 130 knots and same result Pilot tube cover are removed , all failure system disabled (Always working) Has this problem appeared with anyone before and is there any suggestion? Finally, I would like to thank you for this wonderful plane, I really enjoyed it , and it definitely made me want to read more about it Regards Log.txt GizmoLog.txt
  6. Hi Thanks for the update, and I would like to ask, is this version supports Xplane 11? Regards