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  1. brettnicholls

    Music through COM

    When I flew FSX I bought a Catalina Flying boat. It was very well done and like the real plane you had to fly it by the numbers or you would damage your engines. They setup a radio frequency you could tune to and listen to some music out of the 40’s. It was only one song but it was quite cool listening to it while flying along.
  2. brettnicholls

    Aorus x570

    Hi guys, not really an aviation question though it is my machine that XPlane runs on. Do any of you have an Aorus X570 pro WiFi board running the latest Bios F12. For the life of me, if I try F6b and above, I can not boot into windows. For the best Stability I run F4. I even tried Linux on a bootable USB drive and still the same results. Any help would be much appreciated.
  3. brettnicholls

    Door not closing

    Hi thanks for the reply. I don’t know why the door became ajar because I was only flying at FL20. After I restarted X- plane it went back to normal. All sorted Cheers. I think it was 11.50
  4. brettnicholls

    Door not closing

    Hi I have an issue with my Passenger door not closing properly. Probably the only way to repair it is get a new Airframe but in the real world would you be able to repair the door? If so is there anyway you could include this in the maintaince Area.
  5. brettnicholls

    Button config.

    Hi just wondering where the joystick/button mapping is kept. I have installed another copy of X-plane with the Vulcan update. I want to use the same buttons for that without having to set it up again. Thanks in advance.
  6. brettnicholls


    Hi I had this issue just happen. Thought it may help with diagnostics. TBM900_Log.txt Log.txt
  7. brettnicholls

    Crash to Desktop

    Hi Goran, I thought I only added it to my Carenado aircraft. Ill take a closer look. Thanks for having a look
  8. brettnicholls

    Crash to Desktop

    Hi Goran, just wondering if you know what may have caused this crash. I include both logs. Regards brett Log.txt TBM900_Log.txt
  9. brettnicholls


    Hi, just wondering if these issues are being looked at. From a rear view the wing Strobe lights bleed through the wing at a certain angle. Also I have mentioned this before but the rudder trim does not push the rudder in the direction it should do. Eg, I have a 65 knot left to right crosswind so from the rear I should see the rudder pointing towards the left to compensate. The Trim is pointing Right but the rudder stays straight. I know this is not a big deal in the grand scheme of things, but hey we all like perfection.
  10. brettnicholls

    Syn vision pathways

    Somehow I have lost the pathways in my Synthetic Vision. Please any suggestions on how to get it back. It is turned on in the PDF. Thanks
  11. brettnicholls

    Prop wash

    Hi I have XPlane running in Experimental mode. According to the new info Prop Wash has been implemented to give a better effect. Taking off with the rudder set in the middle, yes I know it’s supposed to be to the Green mark, but I’m not seeing any pull to the left. According to Austin I should be hard on the rudder trying to keep it on the centre line. Any thought guys.
  12. brettnicholls

    Thrustmaster T. Flight Rudder Pedals

    I repaired them by cutting the cable as closed to where they route internally, to give me as much to play with, and soldered on a new 3wire cable to bypass the damaged one. I had to drill a few holes in the rudder casing, one to zip tie the cable and 2 to route from under the foot pedal into the circuit board connector. Now it works as normal. I belong to the XPlane Facebook page and on there I put a couple of pics showing what I had done. I reset up using the Thrustmaster software and XPlane hardware config and back to happy flying. In the end it wasn’t that hard to fix.
  13. My Rudder pedals are around 3 years old and my Right Toe Brake has failed. Cable fault. $220.00 NZ. Out of warranty so going to have to pull them apart to repair myself. Should have spent extra and gone for MFG Crosswinds. Let you know how I get on.
  14. brettnicholls

    Crash to Desktop

    Hi probably due to 11.40 B8. Just in case someone wanted to check out the logs. Log.txt TBM900_Log.txt
  15. brettnicholls

    Crah to Desktop

    Thanks Goran, should have known.