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  1. brettnicholls

    Info message re cabin temp

    Just happened to me, I looked back onto this forum and put A/C back to manual, as someone stated. Temp went back to normal. Not sure if it makes any difference but usually I fly at quite high FLT but this flight is only at 12000 feet. OAT -10c and ISA -1c
  2. brettnicholls

    Rudder trim

    Hi just trying to understand the rudder trim and if it’s right. Flying at FLT290 with a wind of 38 knots at about 220 degrees relative to the aircraft. External view shows the rudder trim is pointing towards the left. The rudder graphic in the cockpit is positioned on the right side. I was wondering does the rudder trim work the rudder by deflecting the rudder opposite the direction of the trim or does the trim act like a mini rudder and the rudder stays straight. I had a look at the rudder position, looking down on top, and noticed no deflection at all.
  3. brettnicholls

    Empty Plane

    I was wondering about when you click on Empty plane, in the Payload Manager, that it would be emptied without a pilot still sitting in the seat. Just a thought..
  4. brettnicholls

    Xplane Crash

    Hi Goran, Xplane crashed on latest Xplane update (11.33 ). Logs included. flying towards KDEN around FL110. Regards Brett TBM900_Log.txt Log.txt
  5. brettnicholls

    Ground Handling

    Hi I must say with the new update the ground handling is much better. Thanks guys for correcting this. For me most of my breakages has been from crashing on takeoffs or landings.
  6. brettnicholls

    Xplane Crash

    Yeah funny that..It’s one of Orbx sceneries which I have had for awhile and flown into a few times without issue.
  7. brettnicholls

    Xplane Crash

    Hi Goran, another crash after very long flight, include Log Files TBM900_Log.txt Log.txt
  8. brettnicholls

    Will not start

    Hi is your Battery good. Does it spin faster on the GPU?
  9. brettnicholls

    XPReality Pro

    Hi does anyone know how to stop the XPReality Pro box appearing every time XPlane starts up. I have gone through the settings but can’t see anything obvious to turn it off. Thanks for any help.
  10. brettnicholls

    X-Aviation Userid and Password Not Saved

    I have found it asks for the activation, sometimes after a widows update. I will check out Gizmo preference and see if it can sort it in the background.
  11. brettnicholls

    Goran-M : Development Support Man of the Year

    I second that Fireone, help is never far away on this forum from Goran.
  12. brettnicholls

    Bose Headset

    Hi I noticed that when you click on the Bose Headset it disappears.. as you would expect. Would be cool to see it appear on the pilots head.
  13. brettnicholls

    Xplane Crash

    Yep crashed again, logs for latest crash. Log.txt TBM900_Log.txt
  14. brettnicholls

    Xplane Crash to Desktop

    Hi Goran, went into maintenance and saw the Pulse Light missing even though it said it was new. Tried to replace it but crash to desk top. Went back but the pulse light still not replaced. left it for a moment then CTD again. supplied new logs just in case something different Log.txt TBM900_Log.txt
  15. brettnicholls

    Xplane Crash to Desktop

    Thanks Goran