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  1. brettnicholls

    XP 11.35

    Yes I have updated to 11.35 and I have not noticed any issues with the TBM
  2. brettnicholls

    X570 issue

    So the 3600 does make a difference, as expected, not earth shattering. However frame rates have increased from my Intel 2500k @ 4.8gig. I find that airports seem to gobble the most. On the ground at KSEA looking forward from the default 172 I got 48 fps, on the runway ready for take off, I got 34fps then at 2000 feet I was getting 45fps. Flying over the city which is North of the airport FPS mainly stayed the same as over the country side. Odd times it does go up to 50fps but that could be viewing over water. Mainly I fly the TBM900 and still get mid 30's to low 40's. My CPU has the default 65 watt cooler on it. In the future I will install a better cooler and push it a little bit further. I am happy with my purchase.
  3. brettnicholls

    X570 issue

    Hi all, just thought I would let you know that at present I am in the throws of upgrading my Xplane computer. Just doing some open board setup and trying to use a MSI 560 TI with a Gigabyte Aorus X570. This is not the card that will go in the final build but I found it won’t fit. At the bottom of the 560 TI towards the back is a VRM heatsink sitting proud so when you try to put it in, it hits the Chipset. I would say there would be a large percentage of chipsets that would cause this problem with this card. The card I will be using is a GTX 1080 and that fits fine. Chances of someone using this combination is probably low but I thought I would share it. I am using an AMD 3600 with 16 Gig of 3200 mhz of memory. For anyone that’s interested I will let you know, hopefully of a frame rate jump. Should be finished tomorrow.
  4. brettnicholls

    Flight Yoke

    And once again restarting the sim cured the ailment. Cheers
  5. brettnicholls

    Flight Yoke

    Hi upon descending on Auto pilot my plane went out of control pitching to the right. I discovered that the Yoke would only operate from centre to right. Even from outside the ailerons followed suit. Check Maintenance logs and everything is ok. I don't know if the aircraft behaves correctly, not being a pilot, but using Left Rudder would bring the plane left so was able to control and managed to land safely. Any thought anyone or is it time for a new Airframe. I have had two incidents where nothing showed up, maybe Hot Start need to look a bit deeper into this. Log.txt TBM900_Log.txt
  6. brettnicholls

    Main Door

    Ok so after a restart the door was closed properly.
  7. brettnicholls

    Main Door

    Flying along at FL310 when the main door went open causing a depressurization. I managed to get down to 10000 feet and then land. I tried to re secure Main Door ( Passenger Entry ) but will not close tight. I checked Maintenance on the Airframe but everything was OK. Will attach logs. Thanks in advance Log.txt TBM900_Log.txt
  8. brettnicholls

    TBM900 Frame Rate now 4-8 fps after Up-Date

    Sounds like you have a slow cpu, what are your specs?
  9. brettnicholls

    Icing Effects

    Hi just checked. I have a GTX 1080, Driver 430.86 and DirectX Verizon 12
  10. brettnicholls

    Icing Effects

    Hi Goran, are the Open GL drivers not included within the NVIDIA Drivers that I have installed?
  11. brettnicholls

    Icing Effects

    Hi I was flying at 12000 feet, through cloud and rain, at -13, and no ice forming anywhere. I checked the TBM plugin and made sure the Rain and Ice effects are turned on. I remember earlier in the piece that this worked but not so much now. Are there any other settings I’ve missed because I have not changed anything, at least not I would remember. Thanks in advance..
  12. brettnicholls

    Can’t update x-aviation licences

    Hi I found my problem. I had setup Xsquawkbox and used an (a) to talk online. I have removed the a from the preferences and now the (a) has come back. Many thanks for looking at this
  13. brettnicholls

    Can’t update x-aviation licences

    Hi I also added TBM 900 log as well. As you can see my (a) works perfectly well outside Xplane. I also installed the latest X-plane update, before this happened, and noticed that the X-plane C90 does not have its aircraft chevron in the start up page. Might be a buggy update. Thanks Log.txt TBM900_Log.txt
  14. brettnicholls

    Can’t update x-aviation licences

    Hi I tried that but it wouldn’t accept it
  15. Hi not sure if this windows 10 issue or xaviation but for some weird reason, when I try to reactivate the latest Skymaxx pro release, the ( a ) key on my keyboard does not work. I fired up notepad and the the a key works fine. Because I an gmail I’m stuck with the box on my screen. Please any help would be much appreciated..