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  1. brettnicholls

    Throttle Issues

    Hi what if you place your throttle up to about 30%. Just surprisingly that it goes to reverse straight away, I thought a key needed to assigned to make it come through the gate. Have you assigned a command by any chance for this function that is automatically allowing this to happen? If you have take note of it and delete it then try again. Just a thought. Cheers
  2. brettnicholls

    Throttle Issues

    Hi, I have CH Throttles, I have blown my engine quite a few times. The mouse controls the 900 Fuel Cutoff/Low Idle to High Idle. When the mouse turns Horizontal then it moves through the gate over into the Power/ Taxi section. Once in here your throttle can then be used to go from Low Power to High Power. If you want to go into the Taxi Range, a button or switch can be assigned so you can transition from the Power to Taxi range. Make sure your battery is in good condition if you start on battery without GPU. Just follow the Startup procedure, Fuel Pump on, Starter for 2seconds, once 13 % on NG move Lever, via mouse, from Fuel cutoff to low idle. Once stableized move lever to either High Idle or to Low Power/ Taxi Range. I know this can be frustrating getting to know how this aircraft works but it’s well worth it. It is a fantastic aircraft and well worth the time to get to know it.
  3. brettnicholls

    Hobbs Meter

    Hi, I was wondering if there was a Hobbs Meter in the 900. I have looked in the Cockpit but to no avail. If not, how is the engine time measured? Thanks for any help.
  4. brettnicholls

    Xplane 11

    Hi Cameron, Any idea when it might be. Thanks
  5. brettnicholls

    Xplane 11

    Hi, Just wondering is there a compatibility problem with the Saab 340 and Xplane 11. I know most of the Aircraft thumbnails don't show up. I can only seem to get 1 engine started. Either 1 or 2 but not both together. Any help would be much appreciated. Auto start does not work.
  6. brettnicholls

    Cabin Door

    Hi sorry I did post the same question, i posted it again because i thought i should have done it as a new topic. I have tried to open from outside but no click spots. The only only step I am missing is how to get into the cabin. I can turn around inside the cockpit, unlock the cabin door but from there I can only zoom forward which doesnt really take me into the cabin. I cant seem to find any views that take you to the cabin. Hopefully this bt of info can help. I have just read the reply from my other post. What buttons take you into the cabin. Thanks for your help
  7. brettnicholls

    Cabin Door

    Hi im having trouble getting into the cabin. I can not open the Saab cabin door. I have looked at page 46 in the system manual. I see how you open the door once you are there but how do you get there. Do you need some other camera plug-in. Any help would be much appreciated. Cheers Brett .
  8. brettnicholls


    Hi in regards to taxing in Xplane, I get quite a bit of brake squeal or tyre screeching when turning in the Saab 340. I might have got some in the Beech 1900D as well. It seems to happen if I try to turn too sharp too fast,although not very fast at all. I have CH pedals that I have pulled apart a few times to repair broken wires. I have noticed that when i have looked at the configuration tool for the rudder pedals the rudder centre is off to the left, say 65,35. Is this normal, i have tried altering the rudder trim lever inside the pedals but seems to make no difference. I have noticed also that when you dont need to push the brakes very hard before you get a screech. Any tips on setting these up better would be appreciated. Cheers Brett Ps I also sprayed some cleaner into the pots aswell. I think it made them a bit better as far as a bit more smoother.
  9. brettnicholls

    X-Aviation Saab 340A Doors ?

    Hi, this looks like an old post but I havent had the Saab 340a for that long. I cant open the main passenger door either. I have had a look at page 46 of the system manual and see how to open the door once you are there. The thing is I dont know how to move from the cockpit to the cabin. Do you need some other plugin im not aware of. Any help would be much aappreciated. Cheers Brett
  10. brettnicholls

    No shaddow casting.

    Hi all. Not long had the Saab 340A installed but wanted to know if there is shaddow casting effect in the cockpit. My cockpit looks dull like the sun doesn't cast shaddows on the instrument knobs or levers. I have seen pictures where the sun shining in the cockpit of the 340 but mine doesn't. If its not supposed to then I can live with it but if its supposed to could someone give me some advise on making this work. My Carenado Beech 1900D has a great effect with shadowing. Would be great to get the same in the Saab. Regards Brett
  11. brettnicholls

    Elecric Motor Sound

    Hi Goran, thanks for the reply on my last post. Yesterday while flying I noticed every now and then an electric motor sound. It was almost like the landing gear but wondered if it was a trim servo. I think it was more noticable while hand flying than under auto pilot. Still reading the manuals and haven't come across any reference to this at presence. Having a great time learning how to fly this plane. Its a great work. Once again your help is appreciated. Regards
  12. brettnicholls

    Condition Levers

    Hi, new to this forum as I have only just installed the Saab 340A. Have been looking through the forum on how to keep the CL working when plane is re loaded. I saw where you had said it would be fixed in a later update. I take that as after v 1.3. This is a great plane but I noticed that my other Xplane keyboard bindings dont work with the Saab, eg trim and landing gear. If its in part of the documentation that I have not read the please forgive, I will find this in due coarse. As I am fairly new to Xplane this is the second aircraft I have bought following from the Carenado Beech 1900D. I was a little surprised to find no lighting shadowing inside the cockpit. I wonder if this will be addressed in an update. My graphics card is a EVGA GTX 970 SSC so if its a driver thing please let me know. Regards Brett