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  1. Hi Litjan, Initially the option was 'on' & it's when i turned it 'off' that the error appeared. i've tried to reinstall but now every time i load the game, i have this error.
  2. Hi guys, thanks for your work & the new update but unfortunately i have a error when loading the aircraft : using windows 10 & x-plane 11.
  3. Cabin crew announcements for IXEG 737

    Hi Andrey, i use your script and i love it ! Just would like to ask if you have planned to add new features to your script in future update ?
  4. Mini-EHSI pop-up

    Nice, thank you !
  5. Mini-EHSI pop-up

    Hi everybody. I have a little request for you, would it be possible to give users the choise to leave the mini-EHSI pop-up 'ON' when it appaer or to hide it. For exemple when i am cruzing, i like to put the camera close to the windows (as you can see on the picture) to enjoy the view, but i also need to know where i am on the flight plan. So i think leaving the pop-up ON, would be a good compromise. Thank you & happy new year to all of you !
  6. Hi guys, i have a question about one of your product, LEVC Valencia Airport ( I was thinking about buying this product,but i'm wondering if it's compatible with World traffic 3 ? I mean does it come with ground route, accurate parking spot etc ... ? If the airport is not "Word traffic 3 ready" are gonna release an update to make it compatible ? Thank you ! : ) David.
  7. First official XP11 screenshot

    i found my answer. The new reflections (on pfd for exemple) will also works on xp-10 ?
  8. First official XP11 screenshot

    Hi cameron, so v1.2 is only focusing on Compatibily with xp-11 or this update implement new features ? Thank you. David.
  9. How to setup mimimum altitude

    Thank you guys for your replys. So when performing a non-precision or CAT I ILS approach, i only use the bug on the altimeter for the minimum and set the radio to -20 i guess ? David.
  10. How to setup mimimum altitude

    Thanks for your reply & your help Litjan. So there is no Callout for minimum descent altitude ?
  11. Hi guys, i need some help to set my minimum altitude for my approachs. How do i set a minimum that is above 1000ft. i know we have to use the "baro" but then do i have to press a knob or switch something on/off to make the BARO active instead of the radio ? Can someone give me a exemple on how to set a miminum of 2540ft. Thanks for your help. David.