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  1. Thank you for the reply. I will send them report and see what they say. For the record: this does not indicate that there is an issue that has been acknowledged and adressed/pointed to, but rather pushes the fault to the customer.
  2. Is this going to be the only official response what we get in regards of this matter. I do like the product but "kinda" sucks to pay 70€ on a product and completely get ignored by the company with an issue regarding that product.
  3. I have done that. Tried now again and still no luck. Also tried loading aircraft "normally" and not using the resume last flight function: no luck.
  4. Is it possible for the devs to confirm the issue? I am trying to find what I am doing wrong without success... And just to say. Aside from that, I love the bird. Been flying it a lot and reading the manuals. Just having trouble with this one...
  5. No, that is a bug 100%. I am getting it every single flight. The G1000 is showing correct amount of fuel in the SYSTEM-FUEL page, but the FPL calculations are not using that figure.
  6. matchball

    Fuel Calculations

    Still an issue. Could this be fixed? Would make my flights less nervous when MFD would not be giving me neg values for arrival fuel. I haven't done much research about this, but I at least use the "resume last flight" (if the reason it has not been fixed is that devs havent been able to repro).