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  1. rcfreak07

    Work In Progress Screenshots

    @Goran_M Perfect Any way I can help you with the project? I flew the CJ1+ which has pretty similar Systems and avionics.
  2. rcfreak07

    Work In Progress Screenshots

    Additional Scroll wheel clickspots on Speed altitude and heading on the display could also do it [emoji14] Saves two more clicks
  3. rcfreak07

    Work In Progress Screenshots

    I hope you find a nice solution for using the autopilot panel in the real thing you do not even look down while using it to see the set values but in a sim that's a lot different
  4. rcfreak07

    IXEG 737 APU

    That's because the IXEG is not supported for XP11 yet There is a walk-around but I would recommend waiting for the 1.1 update which will give general XP11 support.
  5. rcfreak07

    [Solved] Something wrong?

    Just showing that there are always multiple ways to do something
  6. rcfreak07

    [Solved] Something wrong?

    Jan did it with the actual cosinus. I did it with the rule of thumb. thats why the 2kts difference. But either way is correct
  7. rcfreak07

    [Solved] Something wrong?

    There is always something we can learn BTW this computation is done in every commercial airliner not just this bird
  8. rcfreak07

    [Solved] Something wrong?

    Your welcome. There is always a lot new to learn to aviation
  9. rcfreak07

    [Solved] Something wrong?

    As I see your ILS course is 255. so headwind is about 12kts (180-255=75, 0.9-.75=0.15, 0,15+0.2=0.35, 0.35x31=12). 1/2x12+9=15 . so the value you have to put in should be 15.
  10. rcfreak07

    [Solved] Something wrong?

    Because 15kts is maximum for Wind correcting the Vref. Google it and See what that correction really does. Its not the Wind components that wie put in there it is 1/2 of the HEADWIND plus difference between steady and gust winds (gust factor) min 5 max 15
  11. rcfreak07

    Really low volume for altitude call-outs

    Same for me here. v1.0.7 XP11
  12. rcfreak07

    Work In Progress Screenshots

    Its a pleasure you watched my video hope you liked it. @Goran_M If I can help with the development. Send me a PM, I flew the CJ1+ and could provide some material and/or testing
  13. rcfreak07

    [SOLVED] Error when entering airway (1.0.7)

    I just tried a reinstallation of the aircraft before creating a log file. It solved my problem. So don´t know where the problem was But thanks anyway
  14. rcfreak07

    [SOLVED] Error when entering airway (1.0.7)

    No solution? Do you need a log file or something?
  15. Hello devs, today I bought the 1.0.7 plane and wanted to take it for a spin from EDDF to EGBB. While entering the route waypoints I found the plane giving me an error window when entering the airway UZ29 from BIBTI to NIK. I have the latest Navigraph Data installed (1609) and the route was taken out of simbrief (same Data). I am able to enter direct Waypoints but no airways. And im also unable to delete a point in that page with the DEL button. Is that all right? Hope you can help me