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  1. vualpilot

    Better Pushback Volume

    Any one using the Better Pushback Plug-in and able to get the volume to work?
  2. vualpilot

    [XP10/11]Push Back Problem

    When pushing the A/C back when selecting nose right tug turns aircraft does not, what am I missing? Running XP10
  3. So need a little help, my throttle setup uses Throt-1 for speed brake control (PFC setup vs axis setup), instead of an axis. Is there a script or data ref change I need to make to in order to set the speed brake to work using the throt-1 control? the 737 does see throt-1 as engine1; throt-3 as reverse 1; throt-4 as reverse 2; throt-5 as engine 2, and throt-6 as my flap bar. With the another aircraft I own, the these all work as they are suppose to, any suggestions?
  4. So not a coding genius, but having a problem with my PFC Big Jet Console and the IXEG 737, works like champ with FF 777,767,757 AND x737. Please help. ISSUES: 1. I move the flap lever on the PFC Jet console, and the flap gauge moves, however the handle on the TQ on the IXEG does not. 2. Fuel Cut off: On the console I can move the switch and it opens the valve, but the TQ displays it in the cutoff position, even though engine is running, 3. Spoilers don't work via, PFC JET, where throttle, reversers, do. 4. Autopilot, If i use the mcp for adjustments and engagements on the sim no issues, but if I engage them using the PFC Jet console the jet gets jumpy and lots likes its fighting its self, almost as if its fighting turbulence. Log.txt