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  1. mfarmercytz

    Support for MU-2 XP10

    OK. Good to know. I had some of them backed up because of the previous 3 download limit, but when you made that unlimited (greatly appreciated by the way) I wasn't as judicious about it. Will download them all and make sure I have them safely stored.
  2. mfarmercytz

    Support for MU-2 XP10

    Well that's unfortunate as I've now lost that aircraft. For my own knowledge if I simply backup the installers for the other plugins I have purchased will they still work even as XP-10 becomes unsupported should I need to do a reinstall? Or should I be backing up the X-Aviation folder and re-activating if I need to recover them from backup?
  3. mfarmercytz

    Support for MU-2 XP10

    I opened a ticket on site on October 26th and have not had a response as to how I can download the last XP10 supported version for MU-2. I prematurely did the upgrade to 1.8 before noticing it was XP11 only and it appears there is no link in My Account to re-download v 1.7. Can anyone advise how I can request? Thanks
  4. mfarmercytz

    MU-2 Upgrade for X-11

    I prematurely updated to 1.8 before realizing it was an XP11 only aircraft. I can only run XP10. How can I re-download the previous version that works on XP10 as the download link in my account only has the new version?
  5. mfarmercytz

    [VNAV] Disconnect during descent

    Thanks Jan! I couldn't find an explanation in the documentation. I thought I was well under speed but at some point I just reverted to a V/S descent. Will keep a closer eye out next time!
  6. mfarmercytz

    [VNAV] Disconnect during descent

    Just had an unusual issue with the IXEG 737 on cruise from KSFO to KPDX. During descent the VNAV turned off and produced a message in the FMC saying "VNAV DISCONNECTED". I tried to reconnect but it would light up for a second and disconnect with the same message. Did a V/S descent instead. Anybody else seen this or know what could cause it? Log attached. IXEG_FMS_debug.txt Log.txt GizmoLog.txt
  7. mfarmercytz

    FYI problem after upgrading to macOS Sierra

    For what it's worth it looks like there is something broken in macOS Sierra with CURL which is impacting Gizmo. I've tried a few things to see if I could correct it but not knowledgeable enough to get into the plumbing and see what Apple broke/changed. I also had some installs that hung. Joys of using betas! I'm looking forward to Sierra going GM so the teams have a stable platform to work out any remaining issues.