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  1. Thanks Goran, Excellent service as usual! cheers
  2. I think this has been posted before, I've searched but can't find the thread. On load, the elevator and rudder "flutter" uncontrollably. Persists even after engines start. Wind is calm. See video. Saab ver 1.5, XP11 latest stable version, XEnviro 1.09 Any help appreciated. Love this aircraft. cheers chris from oz LES_Saab_340A_3.avi
  3. tuppy

    Trim in V/S Climb or Descent Mode

    OK, I may have sorted this out. I think it may be my mis-interpretation of the meaning of "Up" and "Down". I had interpreted those as in how a trim wheel functions. Whereas in this case "Up" means "Increase" and "Down" means "Decrease" (of Vertical Speed). JGregory's quote caused the penny to drop. So, to clarify descent in V/S mode, Set SPD, Select new (lower) Altitude, Autopilot..select V/S, Power to Flight Idle. Set V/S via Thumbwheel click/drag Back (Up) (to increase Rate of Descent) Are these steps correct? If yes, then the manipulator is working correctly, and it was my mis-understanding that was the issue. cheers chris
  4. tuppy

    Trim in V/S Climb or Descent Mode

    Sorry, But what i described in my original post IS what is happening..... click and drag forward, aircraft climbs... click and drag back, acft descends.....as per the video. Quote "That's NOT what you described originally. Your first post stated... "if i click and drag forward the aircraft climbs, click and drag back, aircraft descends." That's exactly what I stated, and exactly what is happening. How do i increase the video resolution to demonstrate to you what is actually happening? cheers
  5. tuppy

    Trim in V/S Climb or Descent Mode

    JGregory, Thanks for the reply.... little tardy in getting back to you... had to learn how to record a vid...LOL OK, sequence is : Set SPD, Select new Altitude, Autopilot..select V/S, Power to Flight Idle. Set V/S via Thumbwheel click/drag FWD (for Down) (not shown in video, but trust me!) As you can see, aircraft climbs.... I'm not too concerned with this as I use IAS for descent, but I thought I'd let you know. Pretty sure it's not operator error :-) Loving this aircraft, thanks. (Sorry about the video quality... I'm not good at this) Also attached plugins list.... WIN7, XP11 chris from oz LES_Saab_340A_1.avi
  6. tuppy

    Trim in V/S Climb or Descent Mode

    Thanks birdy, I'll look into that , I'm not using a button or key to adjust V/S, just mouse click and drag. More fiddling required.... cheers chris from oz
  7. tuppy

    Trim in V/S Climb or Descent Mode

    Hmmm.., thanks for the quick reply.... yes, not Trim, my mistake, sorry. V/S autopilot adjustment.... The issue is as stated above, When I drag manipulator forward, the aircraft climbs.... when I drag back, the aircraft descends.... Is this dependent on whether I'm climbing or descending...?\ I'm confused :-)
  8. Gents, Am having an issue with the the use of the trim manipulator in V/S climb and descent. For example, on descent, speed set manually, altitude selected, V/S mode selected..... Issue is....... (to quote Goran's Facebook post) "set your VS on the thumbwheel (centre pedestal, left of the autopilot switch) by clicking, dragging forward (for down) and HOLDING it there..." Problem I have is that my operation of this works in the opposite sense.... if i click and drag forward the aircraft climbs, click and drag back, aircraft descends. This is opposite to both Gorans' comments AND what is indicated on the instrument panel. I thought this was strange as it's contrary to the normal way trim orientation works. Question is, am I doing it wrong or is it a a bug? Do I have a misunderstanding of how this works? Have done numerous flights with always the same result. I hate claiming a bug until I have eliminated any errors on my part. :-) Any advice appreciated. BTW, fantastic aircraft, absolutely loving it. As an aside, I can vouch for the "Terrain Terrain" GPWS warning works perfectly !! Got my serious attention last flight... in cloud !! It was right ! cheers chris from oz
  9. tuppy

    DC3 RMI Compass heading

    BTW, daemotron Didn't initially notice your Terry Pratchett quote..... so true! I'm a huge Pratchett fan.......... brilliant author.... cheers chris from oz
  10. tuppy

    DC3 RMI Compass heading

    Thanks Goran and daemotron, Correct, I'm using XP 11.10r1, so was expecting some problems. All sorted, found a key/command assignment that allows me to manually align the DG. Can now navigate successfully. Your assistance much appreciated. Looking forward with much anticipation to the XP11 version. Love flying the old iron. I've even kept XP10 so I can still fly the PMDG DC6! ..... but that's a question for another forum eh! cheers Chris from oz
  11. tuppy

    DC3 RMI Compass heading

    DC3 XP11 Small issue with the RMI compass rose. Starting from cold and dark, the RMI compass rose does not show the acft's actual magnetic heading at the top, as I believe it should. This situation remains even after power up and engines started. If I load the aircraft with engines running then everything is as it should be, magnetic heading showing correctly in the autopilot and on the RMI rose. Have I missed something? Any help/advice much appreciated. Love this aircraft! Cheers Chris from Oz