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  1. Altimeter Knob

    Thank you for your swift response... I found it.. Have a great weekend Mark
  2. Altimeter Knob

    Sorry if this has already been addressed. But can someone tell me where the Altimeter knob is in the IXEG 737 cockpit ? Many thanks Mark
  3. CWS P and VNAV

    Thanks a bunch !
  4. Hello all I just reinstalled Win 10 and XP11 along with the 737. But now I find that no matter what I do, I cannot engage VNAV and CWS P is displayed Help! Mark ESA1178/KSAC
  5. Disregard

  6. IXEG Liveries not showing XP11

    Never mind. I didn't realize you had to scroll through the liveries..
  7. Liveries for IXEG 737 are placed in the Liveries folder within X-Plane 11/Aircraft/X-Aviation/IXEG 737 Classic But in Flight Configuration the only livery showing is the default... Thanks for your help
  8. Cannot acquire ILS

    Destination EHAM ILS 06. NAV1 & NAV2 set to 110.55 Here are pics. As you can see the aircraft remains at 2000' way above the glide-slope...
  9. Hello I have been following a video tutorial regarding the ILS procedure. At the correct altitude when turning to line up, runway heading set twice. ILS freq set twice. Speed at 160, APP engaged, CMD B engaged... But aircraft remains at the last set altitude/heading. Does not acquire the ILS. Thanks for your help in advance Mark Harris ESA1178
  10. Autopilot on/off key

    Many thanks mfor ! Have a great weekend.. Mark
  11. Hello I cannot seem to find, in the Buttons area of Joystick & Equipment area, anywhere to assign a key/button to engage/disengage AP. I see the list of AP options, but not for that particular option... Thanks! Mark
  12. Aerosoft Scenery XP10

    I installed openscenery again. Works now.. Thanks a bunch Tom! Mark
  13. Aerosoft Scenery XP10

    Every time I try to go to an installed airport I get an error, and directed to the Log file. I looked through the file but could not find any issues. Attached the log file here, maybe someone can help.. Thanks! Log.txt
  14. Aerosoft Scenery XP10

    Thank you Tom But when I go to any of those airports they are very sparse. Should I be adjusting the settings anywhere? I am familiar with Aerosoft addon airports I have purchased for FSX/P3D and they are well planned with buildings etc... Mark
  15. Aerosoft Scenery XP10

    I have 15 Aerosoft airports in my custom scenery folder. But when I go to one of the airports in-game, its little more than a building or 2.. Did these come with the game? Or did my kid, who also plays, download and install them Mark/ESA1178