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  1. Sorry Morten, I meant to say that I set LNAV and VNAV once airborne. CWS has disappeared, but aircraft still not responding to directions... Mark
  2. Hi Morten. I have VNAV and LNAV set upon departure to follow the FMC. If the aircraft will not turn to the next leg, I adjust the heading to intercept and select HDG SEL. In either case, the aircraft continues forward with no change in direction...
  3. Hello all. My aircraft will not follow the legs or turn when heading is selected. it remains on the current course. LNAV and VNAV are engaged when following the FMC. CMD A is lit. Thanks in advance! Mark
  4. Ground steering

    Hello all i am using the X56 HOTAS and can't, for the life of me, steer the 737 on the ground. I have tried assigning the yaw on my stick to no avail. Is there something in the aircraft settings that I am missing ? Or do I need to take this issue over to the X56 forum? Thanks !
  5. Altimeter Knob

    Thank you for your swift response... I found it.. Have a great weekend Mark
  6. Altimeter Knob

    Sorry if this has already been addressed. But can someone tell me where the Altimeter knob is in the IXEG 737 cockpit ? Many thanks Mark
  7. CWS P and VNAV

    Thanks a bunch !
  8. Hello all I just reinstalled Win 10 and XP11 along with the 737. But now I find that no matter what I do, I cannot engage VNAV and CWS P is displayed Help! Mark ESA1178/KSAC
  9. Disregard

  10. IXEG Liveries not showing XP11

    Never mind. I didn't realize you had to scroll through the liveries..
  11. Liveries for IXEG 737 are placed in the Liveries folder within X-Plane 11/Aircraft/X-Aviation/IXEG 737 Classic But in Flight Configuration the only livery showing is the default... Thanks for your help
  12. [Solved]Cannot acquire ILS

    Destination EHAM ILS 06. NAV1 & NAV2 set to 110.55 Here are pics. As you can see the aircraft remains at 2000' way above the glide-slope...
  13. Hello I have been following a video tutorial regarding the ILS procedure. At the correct altitude when turning to line up, runway heading set twice. ILS freq set twice. Speed at 160, APP engaged, CMD B engaged... But aircraft remains at the last set altitude/heading. Does not acquire the ILS. Thanks for your help in advance Mark Harris ESA1178
  14. Autopilot on/off key

    Many thanks mfor ! Have a great weekend.. Mark
  15. Hello I cannot seem to find, in the Buttons area of Joystick & Equipment area, anywhere to assign a key/button to engage/disengage AP. I see the list of AP options, but not for that particular option... Thanks! Mark