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  1. Cannot acquire ILS

    Destination EHAM ILS 06. NAV1 & NAV2 set to 110.55 Here are pics. As you can see the aircraft remains at 2000' way above the glide-slope...
  2. Hello I have been following a video tutorial regarding the ILS procedure. At the correct altitude when turning to line up, runway heading set twice. ILS freq set twice. Speed at 160, APP engaged, CMD B engaged... But aircraft remains at the last set altitude/heading. Does not acquire the ILS. Thanks for your help in advance Mark Harris ESA1178
  3. Autopilot on/off key

    Many thanks mfor ! Have a great weekend.. Mark
  4. Hello I cannot seem to find, in the Buttons area of Joystick & Equipment area, anywhere to assign a key/button to engage/disengage AP. I see the list of AP options, but not for that particular option... Thanks! Mark
  5. Aerosoft Scenery XP10

    I installed openscenery again. Works now.. Thanks a bunch Tom! Mark
  6. Aerosoft Scenery XP10

    Every time I try to go to an installed airport I get an error, and directed to the Log file. I looked through the file but could not find any issues. Attached the log file here, maybe someone can help.. Thanks! Log.txt
  7. Aerosoft Scenery XP10

    Thank you Tom But when I go to any of those airports they are very sparse. Should I be adjusting the settings anywhere? I am familiar with Aerosoft addon airports I have purchased for FSX/P3D and they are well planned with buildings etc... Mark
  8. Aerosoft Scenery XP10

    I have 15 Aerosoft airports in my custom scenery folder. But when I go to one of the airports in-game, its little more than a building or 2.. Did these come with the game? Or did my kid, who also plays, download and install them Mark/ESA1178
  9. XP11 supported?

    Thanks Dejan so should I wait? Is there any indication that it may be supported in the near future? Mark
  10. XP11 supported?

    Is the 737 supported in XP11? I installed IXEG 737 in the demo but got the captains big heads again Would like to buy XP11, but want to be sure that IXEG 737 is supported Thanks! Mark
  11. Captain''s big head

    I reinstalled and fixed now.. Mark
  12. [Solved]Wing Lights Placement

    Thanks guys! Mark/ESA1178
  13. [Solved]Wing Lights Placement

    Hello My SWA with winglets has the wing lights forward of the wing on the fuselage. Is there anything I can do to fix that ? Thanks! Mark/ESA1178
  14. Cannot engage AP

    aha! That was the issue. All fixed... Thanks a bunch!!
  15. Cannot engage AP

    Thank you mmerelles for your fast reply.. In fact it looks as though the IRS are still not aligned.. I returned to the runway. And switched the IRS to off, waited until ALIGN extinguished. Switched to ALIGN then went to POS on FMC and used KLAX as the ref airport copy & pasted POS to SET IRS POS. Finally switching IRS switches over to NAV. But AP will still not engage. I suspect that the Align IRS is the issue... Does the IGEX 737 Align instantly ? Mark