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  1. I talked with the developer from SimCoders and he found a bug in the REP he sent a bug fix out today; I haven't had a chance to try it yet but assured me this should fix the problem
  2. Not sure which developer to contact regarding this. I bought the AFM G5 instruments and according to the manual supplied with it I says that it is compatible with REP. I downloaded and installed the REP into their included modded 172 with the G5. I went through and enabled the package. But after a few times starting X-Plane I've noticed that the static object like the covers, chocks, and tie-downs are invisible and I'm never sure what's going to happen when I start the engine. I tried searching this on Google and found a support thread from 2017 that blamed the invisible chocks on the plane being from pre-11.30. I have also posted this on the SimCoders official support forum. Thanks, KDTW Flyer
  3. KDTW Flyer

    Livery List & Requests

    Hey there if any livery artists are looking for something to do the GoGo Aviation WiFi test plane, A Boeing 737 classic (N321GG) would be awesome to see done. Thanks in advance!
  4. KDTW Flyer

    Patch Files for all 767s

    I have 2 of the folders the -300ER GE AWL and -300ER PW AWL It fixed the PW on but not the GE one