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    Sundowner Upgrade

    So is it possible to acquire the mesh?
  2. jboyd

    Sundowner Upgrade

    It appears this update stalled about 2 years ago? I've been attempting to tweak the instrument panel by moving the Garmin 430, ADF and transponder to better match the plane I actually fly. Using Planemaker I can see the instruments but I don't seem to see a way to move the location. Any insight on how I can rearrange the avionics?
  3. jboyd

    C23 Sundowner Problems

    Ok, here's where I've tinkered with the model- Engine set at 120hp, prop diameter to 2.99, speed through prop 110 at 2500rpm. Empty weight up to 1588 from 1288. CG- moved the aircraft and fuel tanks back another .2 feet. Putting in actual flight plan fuel, passengers, baggage model performs pretty close to real world for me. Now for the bonus- under Standard, Systems there is a block on the lower left side for FMS/GPS- set both to use modern ARINC424 and you get the version 10 Garmin 430.
  4. jboyd

    C23 Sundowner Problems

    Thanks Goran. It's a really nice model. Please let me know if I can provide any data.
  5. jboyd

    C23 Sundowner Problems

    Any progress on this? Just purchased as well since I fly one routinely except in the polar vortex winter here. A little tweaking on the power issue noted above and the opportunity to add the latest Garmin 430 in version 10.3 would allow me to practice instrument just like sitting in the real thing. I can provide some real world numbers if helpful. Thanks!