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  1. NokAir livery

    Reinstall the whole product? I've just install again the Nokair liverie using liverie manager and I get the Regional Shark one.
  2. NokAir livery

    up!! Nobody? Devs, Admins? Liverie manager corrected?
  3. LES SAAB 340A Sol Lineas Aereas livery View File Former Sol Lineas Aereas (Argentina) skin for LES SAAB 340 Used Leen De Jager paintkit, excelent job! THX! Submitter JotaChenko Submitted 02/01/2017 Category Heavy Metal Livery For Click Here For Aircraft X-Plane Version(s)
  4. To Admins -

    Into Liveries\Heavy Metal, where the others SAAB 340 liveries are.
  5. To Admins -

    More than 10 days ago (feb. 2) I submited a livery for the LES SAAB 340. How long does it take to aprove it? If there's something wrong or it won't be published, do I get a notification? Thanks!
  6. Version 1.0.0


    Former Sol Lineas Aereas (Argentina) skin for LES SAAB 340 Used Leen De Jager paintkit, excelent job! THX!
  7. NokAir livery

    Hi! Using the livery manager, I downloaded (installed) the Nokair livery, but inside the folder ("LDJ-Nokair HS-GBA") is the Regional Shark livery So ..... I downloaded the Regional Shark (I didn't have it also, I choose just a few during the first install) thinking it was swaped with the Nokair .... but in the Regional Shark folder is the Regional Shark liverie Result: I have twice the Regional Shark livery but I don't have the Nokair one. Is a Livery Manager bug? Can I download the NokAir livery from somewhere else? Thanks in advance!
  8. SkyMaxx Pro 3.2 crashes X-Plane

    mmmhhhh .... last night I had no problems. I checked and SMP configuration screen shows ver. 3.2 and I was able to change RWC setup from automatic to always and could use NOAA plugin. Started with clear sky at SAOU and landed with overcast at SAMR. If the problem shows up again, I'll post my logs.
  9. SkyMaxx Pro 3.2 crashes X-Plane

    RAM measurement is from SMP config. screen. I have enabled "never change weather" option. I'll check the rest and post the results.
  10. SkyMaxx Pro 3.2 crashes X-Plane

    Not a memory problem. I have 4 Gb VRAM, and more than 2 free (now I'm flying with overcast, 1.1 Gb VRAM free and 9GB system ram free), I run default skymax settings, plus fast clouds and low res cirrus. I also experimented the crash when I change RWC options.
  11. SkyMaxx Pro 3.2 crashes X-Plane

    I think there still errors or bad data with NOAA metars. Since v 3.2, I had to disable download real weather (xplane) and uninstall NOAA plugin. I usually fly in South America (Argentina), maybe the NOAA metars for this region had some errors. Xplane crashes, and always the las log line was "reading metar"
  12. IXEG 737 Classic v1.0.3 Has Been Released!

    I've made 5 or 6 succesfully flights with FSE, none of them gave me an error. What I did: First, put fuel on FSE page, convert it to kg (2.688 kg per gallon, FSE numbers). For example, 7500kg Then, in the Sim with XIEG menu load 7500 kg, save it After that, start FSE client, log ing, start flight. What I noticed is that it split fuel between the three tanks (for example, I load 3500 in each wing tank, 500 kg in center tank. Start FSE client ando it splits fuel in 2300kg, 2300kg in wings and 2900kg in center tank more or less) I enjoy my flight and get some money
  13. Cabin pressure settings

    I will check Bleed and HP valves. I don't remember the value of the differential pressure, but it wasn't 0.0 Thanks!
  14. Cabin pressure settings

    I follow the built-in checklist (it say "Cabin pressure set/chk or something, nothing more like "open valve" "set pressure" or something else). I also open the oxigen valvle (right co-pilot panel, pull to open)
  15. Cabin pressure settings

    Hi!! I'm having problems with the cabin pressure settings. As soon as I reach 13000 / 14000 the alarms lights on and the screen goes black after some minutes.... How do you set up the cabin pressure panel? I put it in auto, valvle clossed, set the destination airport altitude ....... but don't work ... Am I mising something? Doing something wrong?