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  1. AveMetal

    Hawaii Photoreal Development

    Hi everyone! with our recent releases it is available most of the Hawaiian archipelago with cloudless and color restored textures. It can be downloaded from: https://hawaii-photoreal.com/x-plane10-11 More info of these releases in the last news posts: https://hawaii-photoreal.com/news/ There are still major updates to come for X-Plane, like the conversion of the Hawaiian Airports by George Keogh and more... so stay tunned! Mahalo, Javier.
  2. AveMetal

    Hawaii Photoreal Development

    Hi all, sadly, Colin was banned from the forum but the project continues to move forward. From now on you will find all the info through: http://hawaii-photoreal.com/news/ https://www.facebook.com/hawaii.photoreal/ There are new features and sceneries for X-Plane to be revealed during the next months, so stay tunned! Aloha. Javier.