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  1. Upadate, if i run fsgrw as administrator it works correctly into metar.rwx,now try to do some deep test
  2. I'll try to reinstall fsgrw. I'll keep you updated Inviato dal mio SM-G935F utilizzando Tapatalk
  3. Hello, i use 10 , for RWC the maual report to use automatic with FSGRW and Always with Noaa. I need set always?
  4. Hello, i don't know because but i've the same problem with every version of skymaxx (i've 4.01), in this screen you can see fsgrw that disaply the metar and it say overcast, but, as you can see, there is no trace of overcast!. Is there a solution to have real weather? If the source (metar) say overcast i want see overcast not broken or few. In attach metar file and screens Thanks in advance METAR.rwx
  5. Thanks it's work now Inviato dal mio SM-G935F utilizzando Tapatalk
  6. Hello, i'm tring to installa v4 but the installa give and error while try to unistalla the previous versione, it's seem that use a wrong / simbol into the path.Iin attach the error. Ho can fix?
  7. HI, after lot of hours of test i've found a good compromise to have good FPS and aceptable rendering settings. Ok, i could be satisfied but not totaly. First because i've a GTX980TI that is an hight and GPU but nevertheless i can't use skymaxx to max settings but medium/high, second because if i get a plugin is for increase the realism but if to use it i need lost quality...well this no the right way...about me I don't say that the plugin is not valid..absolutely, i mean that should be right advise all customers that to have advantage with RWC and Skymmax the minum requirements is a GTX970..minum. If a customer need to set the covered area to 4000nm to avoid drop FPS he can't get any improvement from RWC. Thank Davide
  8. Hi at all, simple problem, incredible FPS drop with V3.1.1 and RWC With skymaxx3 i was between 20/23 fps on very dense scenery, and over 50 in default zone, while now i'm, in flight, no over 18 pfs with lowered renderig settins...sorry but is not aceptable! To help the developer to find a solution i describe my Specs and attach my old rendering settings (before 3.1.1) and new setting of rendering, skymaxx and Nvidia. Any help is very apreciated...i don't want to rollback to skymaxx3 Specs OS: Windows 10 Pro 64bit CPU: Intel Core i5 6600K skylake 3,5ghz MOTHERBOARD Asus B150 PRO GAMING D3 GPU:NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 TI RAM:Corsair 16,0GB Dual-Channel DDR4 SSD: Samsung 256gb SSD SATA 3 2.5 for Xplane HDD: WD-RED 2TB HDD2: WD-RED 1TB
  9. All very awesone..but the qustion is still the same,I will see the cloud formations in the distance while i'm in a clear sky area? We will have the chance to go to a cloud system? Or we continue to go from clear skies to overcast situations in an instant? When will have theese features x-plane will make a jump...howevert thank for your work
  10. asyscom


    Hi, is this compatible with RTH? Thanks