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  1. bdeniaud

    Throttle issue in new update

    Oh ? What is the logic with it ? Is it from the beginning and in the manual ? edit : ok seen another link and apparently mixture can control beta range That's nice !
  2. bdeniaud

    TBM 900 v1.1.4c Update Released!

    Thanks to the dev for their hard work and dedicated support
  3. bdeniaud

    Disable Scrollwheel Zooming Option

    Oh yes... SHIFT+Wheel is way better for zoom
  4. bdeniaud

    TBM-900 Release Date Announcement & Previews!

    Thanks ! OMG, the modeling and sound are amazing. Wainting for next video then
  5. bdeniaud

    TBM-900 Release Date Announcement & Previews!

    Hi Cameron, Is it possible to upload the recorder video to youtube also and not only on twitch ? I'm looking forward to test this plane :)
  6. There's a new version available at .org store for Xplane 11 Expecting it to be available here in a week or two !
  7. Hi there, Any news for the 1.7.2 update on X-aviation ? Regards, Bruno
  8. bdeniaud

    Xplane 11?

    Looking forward for this v2
  9. Add somewhat a similar problem but with the FMC which popped out twice and was out of sync. I de-installed the CRJ, remove the CRJ folder on the Aircraft/X-aviantion folder and reinstalled. Worked perfectly then ! (it was as if I had two CRJavionivs plugins at the same time)
  10. bdeniaud

    MU-2 and XP11

    I support this request ! It's one of my favorite plane with the CRJ and the Saab ! I can even put a 9ish dollar fee to see this 3 planes upgraded for Xplane11 !