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  1. eesillo

    No Clouds :/

    thank you...i've tried the above post #5 solution. it is now working...
  2. eesillo

    No Clouds :/

    thanks attached is the log file. -Euf Log.txt
  3. eesillo

    No Clouds :/

    Hello, i am having the same issue. No clouds. Installation completed successfully. However, i dont see the clouds. I tried reinstalling many several no issues, no errors but it's just the clouds dont appear at all. I can only see if i disable silverlining. wondering if skymaxxpro will work on xplane 10.30?
  4. eesillo

    SkyMaxx Pro installation problem

    I've installed SkyMaxxPro 2 sucessfully. However, i don't see the cloud effects even after setting skymaxxpro config from the plugin menu... anyone here got the same issue? I can only see clouds if i disable silverlining... Euf