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  1. raynejarre

    Several Issues?

    Sure enough, I think we can stick a fork in this thread, looks like everything is normal and good to go here
  2. raynejarre

    Several Issues?

    Thanks much, just wanted to make sure I wasn't crazy After reinstall, lighting is back to being good. As are the oil and carb levers. Feathering still seems to be a one-way affair, and inverter switch is still missing, but overall a much better time with it. Sorry I didn't do that prior to the post! Haven't had a plane bug out on me like that before. Thanks again Goran & Leading Edge for the wonderful plane
  3. raynejarre

    Several Issues?

    I have HDR on, still running into it. Might look into planemaker and see if there is a way to bump up the brightness or something on it, maybe it is just too dim that I'm not seeing much difference? I'll continue testing stuff out, if you have any other thoughts, lemme know! Here are my settings: http://i.imgur.com/PmdtEFo.png Here is the cockpit with dome lighting fully on (You can see the dome lights up top all bright, but doesn't seem to really generate any light): http://i.imgur.com/6SSp8UG.png Here is the cockpit with the dome lighting off: http://i.imgur.com/kFvRh4q.png
  4. raynejarre

    Several Issues?

    Recently purchased this plane, but I seem to be experiencing several issues in X-Plane 10.30 (64-bit), It seems to have lots of positive reviews, so I am sure I am just doing something wrong in all this: * Dome lighting knob appears to have no effect, Inverter on, Battery on, generators on, turning knob up or down does nothing, entire cockpit stays completely dark to the point of being unable to see anything (Except for the gauges, which do have quite nice lighting). I've been using the aviation flashlight in the meantime to try and locate stuff in the dark, but I wasn't sure if it was intentionally this dark, or something was broken on my end. * Inverter switch seems to be missing? If I hover over where it is according to the manual, I can click, but the actual switch and everything isn't there. * Moving oil vent or carb heat levers fully towards you seems to get them stuck there, stopping you from moving them back up * If engine feather control is pressed, it cannot be undone. Is this intentional? It seems like being able to unfeather your engines would be good. Hoping most of this just me, Everything else about this plane is top-notch, hopefully someone can shed some insight!
  5. Testing out cloud shadows over Aspen, CO: