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  1. SkyMaxx Pro 2.0 Has Been Released!

    Thanks for the quick and comprehensive response, Frank. I'll start the process this afternoon and hope I find the solution before I get to the last line in your response.
  2. SkyMaxx Pro 2.0 Has Been Released!

    I have a ghosting issue with SMPv2 that I didn't have with v1.0 or v1.1. The issues are: Vertical bands (alternating between light and dark) from the horizon up A diagonally divided screen background (from top left-hand corner to the bottom right-hand corner) with the background image being lighter above the line and darker below the line When on the field (when viewed from inside or outside the aircraft) the ghost seems to repeat field objects (e.g.: wind sock), buildings, trees on the horizon alternating in the bands from a negative image to a positive image (all ghost images are featureless--a filled-in outline) In the air from behind the aircraft (pictured), part of the wing, the winglets, the undercarriage, and the empennage are ghosted Repeating patterns that do not seem to be related to the scene Geometric forms that do not seem to have any relationship to the scene The bands seem to vary in size from the left to the right (accompanying picture does not show this because I cropped the picture to focus on the elements and to stay within forum size requirements) I'm using XP 10.30, but I had the problem earlierbothwith the latest versions of XP beta and with XP 10.25. When I disable SMPv2, all problems disappear. I am concerned because I got an error message that one SMP file appeared to be corrupted. When I downloaded it a second time, I got an error message that multiple files may have been corrupted. I wrote to both email addresses that the user manual said should be used for product support issues--weeks apart. It's been several weeks since my last try and I have yet to get a response from either of those emails. I'm reluctant to download SMP a third (and LAST allowable) time until I find out what I'm doing wrong. At this point, any help from anybody would be received with gratitude. I love flying among SMP clouds. The thought of going back to XP clouds is depressing. :-(