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  1. saied45

    extend the carpet

    can you tell us what features skymax pro 3 has that 2.0 doesn't have?
  2. saied45

    XP Scenery Generator [WIP]

    tony i have a question in regards of the extended DSF range that will be coming in the next update. Phillip mentioned that once the update has come people who select the extended DSF range will probably have a hit in FPS if they are combining XP scenery generator . is it possible to make your software somehow allow range limits and draw details based on how high an airplane is?
  3. saied45

    More SkyMAXX V2

    didnt LM say that they be opening up the SDK after 10.30 release?
  4. saied45

    More SkyMAXX V2

    this sdk is provided by LM or sundog?
  5. saied45

    XP Scenery Generator [WIP]

    if i were you here is how i would do it. Separate everything into regions but it should be still the same torrent file. so you would have europe, usa and ece. doing it this way makes sure that everyone will get all the files at the same speed. it would be slower at first to distribute but will be better for long term. we can also use a torrent box to distribute everything . using it this way will make sure that torrent box is on 24/7 and it has a fast connection. http://customer.kphservices.com/seedbox-hosting.php one the files get distributed you can turn off the seedbox and just have people distribute stuff.
  6. saied45

    XP Scenery Generator [WIP]

    what about torrents ?
  7. can you do a comparison between v1 v2 and v3. i think it would look cool for all us to be compare
  8. saied45

    SkyMAXX Pro

    any etas john?
  9. saied45

    Redpiper1 Is Really Pumping Them Out

    i dont want to blame anything or anyone but i think austin had something to do with this
  10. saied45

    SkyMAXX Pro

    it doesnt seam like it was a software roadblock. sounds like either it was licensing or issue with coworkers of john. its a shame cause this could have changed xplane alot
  11. saied45

    Mexico City Xtreme by Taxi2gate MMMX

    this looks awesome. i do hope it comes out soon