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  1. DaveLTB

    YMML Scenery

    In Cape Town we have such scary overpasses for real!
  2. DaveLTB

    "lock to panel view"

    This plugin is absolutely brilliant! Works perfectly and gives me exactly what I want. A small tip to anyone else trying this plugin for the first time: Don't forget to first check "default to panel view" radio button in the "SPECIAL VIEWING OPTIONS" section of "Rendering Options". If you have the radio-button of "lock to panel view" active, the plugin won't work. Thanks again Dave Britzius (Cockpit builder)
  3. DaveLTB

    "lock to panel view"

    Thank you so much. I will try it out this evening.
  4. DaveLTB

    "lock to panel view"

    I am a poor sod who creates flightsim cockpits for a living using FSX or P3D. Recently I have been evaluating the possibilities of offering X-Plane based cockpits. ( I WANT to use X-Plane - it is far more stable than FSX ) Now, my approach is to use many PCs and many monitors instead of focusing on the very expensive instrument modules à la Saitek, Goflight etc. Now, in order to realize such systems, the "Master" PC would normally show a 3D virtual cockpit view (stretched over multiple monitors) whereby controls are clicked after panning and zooming the view. The outside views and even a spot plane view are controlled by their own "Slave" PC's Now the problem is this: When you pan or zoom using the master PC all the slaves pan and zoom similarly. I need to be able to suppress this panning and zooming synchronization. X-Plane has the option of "lock to panel view" which has the reverse effect. It makes all slave views show the 2D panel view and not any other view, but it does disable the panning and zooming synchronization. The obvious solution is not to pan and zoom the master PC at all which then allows the other required views to be set up easily enough, but that does not fit my cockpit philosophy of the pilot moving around in the virtual cockpit. As anyone got any insights into this problem? Specifically, Is there any way (via XML or otherwise) to disable the pan and zoom synchronization without being forced into "panel view" ? Alternatively, can one remove the 2D panel itself from the panel view, leaving the background which can then be adjusted using the rendering options? Dave Britzius (cockpit builder)
  5. DaveLTB

    X-Plane 10 scenery Q & A

    Shankar This is looking very interesting indeed. Please keep going. When do you visualize that your tool will be ready for "prime time"? Dave Britzius (Cape Town)
  6. DaveLTB

    X-Plane 10 scenery Q & A

    Shankar That looks brilliant. Please let us know periodically how things are going. Dave Britzius (Cape Town)
  7. DaveLTB

    X-Plane 10 scenery Q & A

    @OlaHaldor. Thank you very much for your response. Tom seems to confirm what you say . @tkyler Thank you also, Tom, for your detailed response. It looks like the simplest approach is to create a fictional (unused, invisible) "airport" and work from there. I will check out whether it is possible to zoom to single point objects. I will make some experiments and see what works best. Thanks for your help.
  8. DaveLTB

    X-Plane 10 scenery Q & A

    Hello Tom I'm very much a newbie at both X-plane and X-plane scenery design so please forgive me if this question seems to be idiotic. I have studied the new WED manual and the wiki and various tutorials but I have found no clear answer: I want to create some scenery (using 3D models as buildings or using open scenery objects) but not necessarily in an area where there is an airport. Is it possible to therefore create scenery without attaching it to an airport's exclusion zone? Obviously it must be possible, but how? Could you point me in the right direction or suggest an internet resource where I can find out how to do this? Thanks Dave Britzius