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    Not To Be Sappy or Anything.....

    I just want to congratulate Sundog, Maxx, and the entire team at X-Aviation. The product is amazing. I will admit I was a bit skeptical since I never really got the effect I wanted in SMP V3. Overcast was missing a lot of times, clouds not as dense as I would have liked, etc. So, I purchased the upgrade (good price BTW), and got RWC 1.1. After installing in XP11 and XP10, thought I would give it a spin. Fired up Skyvector to look for some bad weather and it appeared to be a stormy day in the Southeast. Ironically, I was stationed at NAS Glynco years ago, and I took my private lessons there in Brunswick. After the install, I thought I would try it out in XP11. Clouds looked excellent and performance was decent. I was able to squeeze right at 40 FPS. Strangely enough, I was over 50 with SMP 3.2.2 in XP11. Out of curiosity, I fired up XP10 and went to KBQK again. I tweaked SMP, checked RWC, fired up FSGRW jumped in the Mooney. I obviously had not used FSGRW in XP11 as the compatible version is not out yet. Regardless, from the cockpit on this overcast day, the entire area was, well, overcast. Checking my frame rate, I was well over 50. I bet my eyes looked like Aaron Rodgers spotting a wide open Nelson down the field. Not wanting to get too excited, I fired up the Mooney and took off to the north. I was in IMC from 500 AGL and thought, let's see how this cloud layer looks on top. Finally breaking out at just above 9K, I was met with blues sky's and a thick layer of clouds below me. Looking off into the distance I could see a few towering clouds from the passing storms and my frame rate never dipped below 48. Trying to hide my smile, I quickly pulled the charts for the ILS to 07, navigated south towards St. Simons Island VOR, caught the 310 radial outbound to intercept the glideslope, and only saw glimpses of the ground through the thick layer of storm clouds and rain. Intercepting the ILS at 1700 feet, I finally broke out of the clouds above minimums and landed safely. Pulling off the active, suddenly, I am aware my pulse is quickened, a feeling I remember so well during my instrument training years ago. Sitting in the cockpit and shutting down the Mooney, I just had to write to you folks. SMP is fantastic on XP10 and I know it will be in XP11 when it gets finalized. Label me blown away. Great job and congrats to the entire team. p.s. Brunswick is stormy right now and provides a good test of the overcast and clouds. Bill