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    Just a short note to say that this problem came back, I guess due to an X-Plane update. To solve it, the option in planemaker is no longer called "nosewheel spring force", it's now called "right and left brake power to help with steering (middle top)", set it to zero. Not sure if Jan needs to update there download version to reflect this? I don't know if I have broken anything by using planemaker 11.36, but I don't know another way. Cheers Iain
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    @Cameron I think you took my question a little too literally there. I wasn't asking "Is there news you had on this that you forgot to post?", I was asking "It's been a while since we've heard anything about these fairly large remaining bugs, is a fix forthcoming?". @Goran_M Ok, thanks. Glad it's still being worked on.
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    The function to turn it on or off is not modelled in the Laminar G1000. You will see the ring appear by default, but you will also find it is way off and not accurate in most cases.