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Liveries by Jetto Designs

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Added Kenya Airways! A special one for me, as I wanted to see how my latest work compares to the first airliner livery I uploaded! 

X-Plane.org / X-Pilot


How do you think it compares to my old version? ;)


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4 hours ago, Defiance_co said:

Heya jiggy,

Tell you the truth they both look great

But your reincarnation of your first ever does take the gold medal




41 minutes ago, Vespa said:

great liveries...and great improvements :)

Thanks guys! I personally think the new one is far better but then the IXEG 737 is a fantastic canvas to start with ;) I must say I respect my attention to detail from 5 years ago though, it may be lower resolution but everything is pretty much where it should be...

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